TV Guide (interview)

From: TV Guide Online
Date: April 23, 2001

It’s the morning after the Emmy Awards, and Keri Russell – who introduced a montage of TV’s greatest twosomes during the telecast – strolls onto Felicity ‘s Los Angeles set looking a tad weary. Surely, the Golden Globe-winning actress was just recovering from a night of post-Emmy partying with the rest of young Hollywood, right? “No, I came home and went to bed,” she tells TV Guide Online. “I’m a very boring person.” Or maybe just a little bruised. After the year Russell endured, is it any wonder that on television’s biggest night she would choose to shun the spotlight? In the span of just 12 months, the 24-year-old went from being hailed as Hollywood’s Next Big Thing to being heckled for her funny haircut. Adding insult to injury, when Felicity ‘s ratings plummeted 30 percent, during its second season, WB execs blamed it on her mane. “She’s not a machine,” reminds executive producer J.J. Abrams. “Clearly, her feelings were hurt that all this noise was being made about something as trivial as her hair.”

Well, it’s a new year, and Russell, who agreed to talk with TV Guide Online during a break from taping, is no doubt happy to start discussing something – anything – other than her shag.

TVGO : So, let’s talk about your hair. (Russell laughs) What are you doing with it?
RUSSELL : It’s just growing out. It’s slowly becoming hair again. I’m enjoying the length of it. It will be nice when it gets a little bit longer, too.

TVGO : Are you still surprised about all the hoopla surrounding it?
RUSSELL : Absolutely. People constantly comment on it.

TVGO : Let’s talk a little bit about the show. It was amazing that after Felicity obsessed over Ben (Scott Speedman) for two years, he said “I love you” first.
RUSSELL : It was something that was added at the very last minute. When we went in to shoot that scene, we weren’t even sure if we were going to do it. I think it’s cool that he said it first.

TVGO : It was nice that during the Emmys, Felicity and Ben were represented as being among television’s hottest couples – alongside Frasier ‘s Niles and Daphne and Friends ‘ Chandler and Monica.
RUSSELL : I know. We’re not recognized at all in that world, yet they included us in the clips, so that was pretty great.

TVGO : Is Noel (Scott Foley) out of the picture for good?
RUSSELL : He and Felicity are still friends, but Noel is kind of missing at the beginning of the season. People go looking for him, and there are some really funny things that happen.

TVGO : Are you surprised Felicity returned this season?
RUSSELL : Yeah, I guess so. Our ratings have always been so poor, and I don’t think the network really wanted us to get picked up.

TVGO : So how was your summer?
RUSSELL : Summer was great. It was nice; I travelled a lot. The weird thing about shooting a series is that you have the summer off, so it’s like school. You get to go and do all these fun things for a long period of time and then go back to work.

TVGO : Why didn’t you spend your hiatus making a movie or something?
RUSSELL : I was just so tired and in need of a vacation. And nothing really sparked my interest.

TVGO : Speaking of films, wasn’t Mad About Mambo supposed to come out this summer?
RUSSELL : It did, sadly, in like only four cities. I think they were Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas and Phoenix, which are Felicity ‘s biggest markets. That movie was made I-don’t-know-how-many years ago. Whenever the Felicity pilot was shot, which was probably three years ago. So my feeling is, if it wasn’t released two years ago, when it was supposed to be, then it probably shouldn’t have been.

TVGO : Did you see the finished product?
RUSSELL : I never saw the full deal. They kept trying to rework it. I liked the idea of it just being a small artsy movie, but they were trying to make it out to be a little something bigger and more American.

TVGO : Do you have any comment about your love life? Care to confirm that you and Scott Speedman are an item?
Russell : (Laughing) I have no comment; I have no comment. Life is too complicated for me, let alone having to discuss it with the public. That’s all I have to say.

TVGO : Are you interested in going on with Felicity , should it continue for a fourth season?
RUSSELL : I can’t even imagine… it is such a day-to-day process here. I just can’t believe we’re in our third season. It seems like yesterday that we were shooting the pilot. It’s wild. So I don’t know [about a fourth]. I’ll have to tell you when I get there.