TV Guide (interview)

From: TV Guide April, 2002
by: Annabel Vered


Plays: Felicity Porter

Where will Felicity be in 10 years? “She’ll be a doctor and, hopefully, happy and in love.” Would you ever trail a guy the way Felicity followed Ben? “I’ve pined over guys who didn’t like me back, but I’ve never followed someone across country. But there’s still time- I’m only 26.”

Should Felicity have picked Ben or Noel? Russell admits to being “wishy-washy” on the subject: “Noel has been her constant, steady friend, [but] Ben was always this soul mate.”

What’s next? She’s reading movie scripts: “I ride my bicycle to Starbucks, have my latte and read the New York Times. It’s so relaxing.”


Plays: Sean Blumberg

Will Sean and Meghan stay together? “Yes, because they yell and vent their feelings. I would love to do the Sean-Meghan spin-off sitcom.

Best thing about being on the show? Working with his friend, creator and executive producer J.J. Abrams. “I’ve known the guy since kindergarten.”

What was your favorite Sean invention? “Smoothaise. It was a ‘mayonnaisey,’sort of relishy’ mustard combination. Working with that stuff was gross!”

What’s next? Grunberg already appears on Abrams’s Alias on ABC. He also has an NBC pilot, It’s Not About Me, with Jason Bateman and Nikki Cox, and a small part in “Austin Powers in Goldmember.” “It’s my son’s favorite (character],” Grunberg says. “He’s gonna freak out.”


Plays: Noel Crane

What would you have done In Noel’s position? “I would have gotten the hint when she chose the other guy and went away with him on vacation.”

Best thing about being on the show? “Meeting my wife,” says Foley. (He’s referring to Jennifer Garner, who appeared on Felicity before landing the starring role in Alias.)

What’s next? A.U.S.A., an NBC pilot in which Foley plays an assistant district attorney, and “Below,” a World War II movie set on a submarine.


Plays: Ben Covington

What were Ben’s best and worst qualities? “Worst: His unwillingness to face responsibility. Best: At the root, he’s a good person with a good heart.”

What’s next? Two movies: “Dark Blue,” a police drama starring Kurt Russell and Ving Rhames; and “My Life Without Me,” with Mark Ruffalo (“You Can Count on Me”).


Plays: Meghan Rotundi

Do you prefer the cleaned-up version of Meghan or the slightly creepier version? “Cleaned-up, only because it’s easier to take the makeup off. But I like the way it looked.”

Was your college experience at all like Meghan’s? “No. Who has an apartment that nice?”

What’s next? “Extreme Dating,” a comedy with Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Andrew Keegan.


Plays: Elena Tyler

Are you like her? “I didn’t have to make straight a’s. I don’t know if you’ve noticed that Elena’s great in every subject, but when it comes to men she makes the worst decisions.”

What’s next? Miller has a new movie out, “The Other Brother,” with Mekhi Phifer. She has also appeared as CCH Pounder’s daughter on FXs The Shield.


Plays: Javier Ouintata

What does the future hold for Javier? “Something creative, designing shoes or jewelry.” How did you come up with the accent? “It’s a kind of a New York Puerto Rican thing. I think I got the character from this 6-foot-4 transvestite who had come over to my house when I was a kid. He made quite an impression on me.”

What would you like to do next? “Something slightly more macho-something with a gun!’

Have you kept any Felicity mementos? “I still have Javier’s glasses. I’m keeping those just in case everything goes to hell. I can always get the glasses, dust them off and do the Felicity trade shows.”