People Magazine 9/99 (interview)

From: People Magazine
Date: Sept. 27, 1999

Her wild curly mane may not have inspired as many copy cat cuts as Jennifer Aniston’s “the rachel” but Felicity star Keri Russell was clearly one of last year’s best-tressed TV stars. On Sept. 26th, The WB drama returns for its sophomore season on a new night, Sunday, and after a few episodes, its hero sports a new and drastically shorter do. What gives? The suggestion for a fresh look actually came from a producer, but Russell, 23, willingly submitted to the scissors on Aug. 21. ” It’s sooo short,” she says. “But it’s so liberating. It’s so quick for me to get ready. I don’t know what I did before.”

Much has changed for Russell, a former MMC Mousketeer and star of the washed-up Malibu Shores (1996). As last year’s It Girl, she says, ” I felt nervous, tense, and bewildered.” These days, notes the actress, who shares an L.A. apartment with Tony Lucca (a fellow Mousketeer and MS co-star “it’s easier to relax.” Fans, however, might be a bit tense about last season’s cliff hanger: Did she choose brawny Ben or nice-guy Noel? Russell won’t even give a hint. “All I can say is, I think, everyone will LOVE IT,” she teases. Of course, she’s easy to please, “They were both” she declares, “such good options.”