MSN chat transcript (interview)

Keri Russell Chat Transcript
From: MSN, Nov. 29, 2000

DishDiva : I know you are on a tight schedule here on the set.
Keri_Russell_Live : Thank you! Hello everyone, thanks for coming tonight.

DishDiva : Let’s get started with the audience questions. Keri_Fan says: Hi Keri! How do you like working on the show?
Keri_Russell_Live : Pilot of the show was definitely the most enjoyable experience that I’ve ever had. Just the quality of it, just the whole idea behind the story is a story that I was very drawn to and very proud of.

DishDiva : dancinggurl says: Hi Keri! I know you work hard on the set, where you are now! What do you do when you’re not working?
Keri_Russell_Live : I don’t have a lot of down time doing an hour drama, just be friends and try to do normal things. I love to read, and the last book I read was “The Things They Carry” by Tim O’Brien, which I really liked. And I read “The Girl’s Guide to Hunting and Fishing” which I thought was a lot of fun. So, I have my relationship vicariously through books, ’cause I don’t have time to have them in life. And you know I hike, I take walks, I love to see movies.

DishDiva : beestunglips says: Hi Keri. You have had a lot of different roles. How do you feel about the path your career has taken?
Keri_Russell_Live : Yeah, I mean, I think over the last 2 years this is the first time that I’ve been conscious of the path that is going on or the direction it is taking. When I first started in the business, when I was about 15, it was just kind of like this party I had been invited to that I hadn’t left yet. I wan’t consciously choosing to do certain parts. I was just kind of taking what was offered to me. Now I feel like I’m trying to be more away of things I like and things I’m proud of and things I think I can add something to, versus just working.

DishDiva : cara2000 says: Hi Keri. How are you like or unlike Felicity?
Keri_Russell_Live : I don’t know. The origin of her character in the very beginning, I just related to her, to her kind of watching life go by. And then deciding to finally step in and participate in her life. And how awkward that can be when you’re not used to taking charge of your own life. And just awkward situations. I am constantly awkward and feel like I don’t fit in or I’m not wearing the right thing or I don’t look like the way I should look and I think that’s a lot of it. And I think she’s smart and I admire her character a lot.

DishDiva : NYRULEZ says: Keri, do you ever get to New York where “Felicity” is supposed to take place?
Keri_Russell_Live : I was actually just there over Thanksgiving. I was hanging out there with my brother. We used to go there for the show once or twice a year. We haven’t gone this year. But I do like New York. It can be a little crazy. I like it for visits and one of my close friends goes to NYU there. Whenever I get there, it’s nice.

DishDiva : Peeps3 says: What do you think of Felicity’s style? Do you ever borrow clothes from the show?
Keri_Russell_Live : Yeah, I love her sense of style. Yes, I do like Felicity’s style. Yes, I do borrow clothes every once in a while. You know, I like, she dresses pretty simple and classic and I like that.

DishDiva : Keri, I know you need to run. I see everyone is waiting for you to wrap this up and continue your scenes. . .so the last question from Raychen is Have you taken a vacation lately and if so, where?
Keri_Russell_Live : Yeah, I was just in New York. I stayed downtown and it was great. Over the summer, I went to Bali, which was amazing. Went to Lake Powell over the summer with some friends and her family on a houseboat. I don’t have a big house or fancy car or anything like that but the things I do for myself, the thing I spend my money on, is taking really great trips. I love to vacation, and go places I haven’t been. So hopefully I’ll go someplace this summer. I’m sorry, they’re waiting for me, I have to run. Thanks for having me tonight.

DishDiva : Thanks, Keri, for stopping by!