From: Allure Magazine, March, 2005
by: Cara Birnbaum

Fans of Felicity can’t speak Keri Russell’s name without recalling her alter ego. But she has moved on to the big screen with the black comedy The Upside of Anger. Russell plays an embittered daughter with an alcoholic mother (Joan Allen) and an absent father. Anger never looked so sweet.

Has your own style changed since Felicity?

Felicity wasn’t someone who cared much about wearing perfect makeup and clothes. I sort of became that. I’m just getting to the point where I’m saying, “Wait a second, I’m not a college kid. I can wear tight jeans and heels.” Now all I talk about is shoes.

When you lopped off your hair years ago, critics acted as if you’d chopped off your head, too. Made any drastic changes since?

After I finished The Upside of Anger, my hair had a red tinge, so I dyed it black. I thought I was pretty cool… but I’m not sure anyone else did.

You tend to show a lot of skin on the red carpet. Why don’t you ever look trashy?

When you have small boobs, you can get away with a lot more.

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