In Step With Keri Russell

From: Parade Magazine October 30, 2007
by: James Brady

Keri Russell, who starred for four seasons as the young “Felicity” on TV, is now 31, married and the mother of a 5-month-old son, River. “My husband came home early so I could meet you,” Keri said when we got together. “I don’t have an aversion to nannies or baby-sitters, but in these early months there’s a control aspect to a baby-you want to do everything.”

Keri Russell in Parade October, 2007
Keri Russell in Parade October, 2007

Keri and I chatted at a little taverna in Brooklyn near where she and her carpenter husband, Shane, are remodeling a brownstone. The waitress who served us had never heard of the film Waitress, which has earned Keri raves and talk of an Oscar, but we all got along fine. Though, who doesn’t with Keri? I’d interviewed the actress nearly a decade ago, when she was beginning Felicity, and she is as beautiful and unspoiled now as she was then.

Following her star turn on TV, Keri disappeared for a year or two to relax and enjoy Greenwich Village. Then, very coolly and professionally, she settled down to focus on crafting a film career. She took supporting roles in Mission: Impossible III, The Upside of Anger and other flicks before moving on to leading roles in Waitress and two upcoming films: August Rush, due this month, with Robin Williams and Terrence Howard, in which she’s the mom of a child prodigy; and then The Girl in the Park, with Sigourney Weaver.

Was Mission: Impossible fun? “Really fun, a crazy, one-chance-in-a-lifetime,” Keri said. “I worked all night with Tom Cruise. We really had a nice rapport, and he treated me like his little sister.” What if a big new role came along now?

“With River so little and Shane working on our new house, the offer would have to be terrific, perfect,” Keri said. “Did I tell you about the fireplaces?” she asked excitedly. “We have one in almost every room.” And the backyard? “That’s for River!”

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