Felicitous Keri Russell

From Town & Country Magazine November, 2007
by: Nina Judar

Actress Keri Russell first garnered fans while starring in the hit TV series Felicity, the college drama that earned her a Golden Globe in 1999. Her character has since graduated from the fictitious University of New York, and Russell has grown up too. The talented thirty–one-year-old has scored a CoverGirl campaign, married, recently had a baby boy and played the lead in the acclaimed indie film Waitress, in which she makes juggling a job and a home life seem as easy as pie. You can catch her latest movie, August Rush, costarring Robin Williams, in late November. Here, the “cover girl” shares with T & C six moments when she feels “easy, breezy, beautiful.”

  1. When she’s had her morning exercise: “I usually squeeze in a 6:30 A.M. workout, and it’s well worth it. I never feel so awake and alive as after a brisk walk in the park and a refreshing shower. Sometimes I opt for a yoga or Pilates session instead; I have a dance background, so I love those activities, too.”
  2. When her husband helps with her wardrobe: “My husband is a carpenter, but I also consider him a stylist. Getting ready for press events can be stressful, and I don’t hire an actual stylist–always turn to him. He has the best taste. He helps me choose what to wear, and I totally trust his opinion.”
  3. When her lashes look lush: “CoverGirl makes the best mascara, Lash Blast [$7.49]. It’s thick and clump-free and works so well that all my friends swear by it too now.” At drugstores.
  4. When her skin is soft and shiny: “I’ve been using Kathleen Lewis Rose Dream Cream [$25] for a couple of years. Kathleen is based in my New York City neighborhood and hand-makes the products herself. I’m not big on scents, but this cream has a very fresh, delicate one–not at all musty like many rose fragrances–and I love its rich texture.” 877-625-4052.
  5. When her ringlets relax: “I prefer soft, textured waves to my tight spiral curls, and only one product lets me create this look myself: Dr. Hauschka Neem Hair Oil [$29.95]. I feather the oil through my strands and then blow them out with my BaByliss hair dryer. It’s much sexier than a perfectly straight, overly polished hairdo.” drhauschka.com.
  6. When she has a glass of wine with her girlfriends: “There’s nothing like spending time with friends to feel good, smart and funny. They make me feel okay about who I am and what I’ve done that day, even if it’s not getting a job I wanted. Plus, they are a never-ending supply of beauty and fashion advice!”