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Readers ask: Actress Who Plays Pepper In American Horror Story?

Is Pepper really a pinhead?

But one character that’s a hit with fans is Pepper, the childlike yet murderous microcephalic female inmate with a tuft of hair and a joyfully toothy grin recalling the derogatorily named “pinheads” in Tod Browning’s 1932 side-show film Freaks, and one of its stars, Schlitzie.

Is Pepper from American horror story real?

Pepper, as played by Naomi Grossman for Freak Show, was based on Schlitze Surtees, a real carnival performer. Schlitze is thought to be a man named Simon Metz, born in 1901 in Bronx, NY.

What is wrong with Pepper in AHS?

Pepper, one of the show’s most beloved characters, is afflicted with the disease microcephaly — a super rare genetic abnormality that results in a baby being born with an unusually small head. The condition causes a wide range of possible life-long problems including developmental issues, seizures, etc.

Is pepper the same character in asylum and freak show?

Pepper was first featured in Asylum and returned in Freak Show. Although she died in Asylum, Freak Show is a prequel. It was confirmed conclusively in the season four episode “Orphans” that Pepper is the same character from both seasons.

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Why did Elsa leave Pepper?

Elsa basically snatched her from an orphanage after deciding she needed to run her own show, and they let her because Pepper was 18 years old.

Why do pinheads have shaved heads?

In order to achieve that look, Barnum had Johnson’s head shaved to draw attention to its shape, and kept him in a cage where he demanded that Johnson never speak, only grunt. Johnson’s acquiescence paid off: he began making hundreds of dollars a week for his performances, and eventually retired a millionaire.

Is Elsa Mars based on a real person?

Lange’s AHS: Freak Show character Elsa Mars is actually inspired by Lange and her fascination with the beautiful and unique carnival world, according to EW. Elsa is a glammed-up expatriate from Germany, whose look seems to be inspired by World War II frontline entertainer Marlene Dietrich.

Was AHS asylum based on a true story?

Though the majority of Lana’s connection to serial killers was a work of fiction, the character was directly inspired by Nellie Bly, an investigative journalist that got herself committed to an insane asylum to develop an exposé.

How did Pepper Potts die?

Six months after the end of the first movie, Tony Stark appointed Pepper Potts as the CEO of Stark Industries, as he has no other successor and is dying of poisoning from the Palladium in his arc reactor.

How did salty die AHS?

It should be noted that Salty isn’t actually murdered, but he does die in his sleep. According to Elsa, it’s likely because of a stroke. Instead of letting him rest in peace, Stanley cuts off his head and sells it to the museum.

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How old is Ma Petite from American horror story?

Standing 2 feet 0.6 inches tall Jyoti Amge is also the Guinness World Record holder for being the smallest living woman in the world. Guess what she looks like now at 25 years old!

Is freak show a prequel to asylum?

Just to recap, Asylum exists in the same universe as Freak Show, Roanoke, Cult, and 1984.

Who cut off Elsa Mars legs?

They revealed that the lead man who cut off Elsa’s legs was named Hans Gruber, making Dr. Arthur Ardin the second character to live between two seasons.

Who is the weird looking girl in American horror story?

Naomi Grossman (born February 6, 1975) is an American actress, writer, and producer best known for her role as Pepper in the second and fourth season of the FX horror television series American Horror Story.


Year 2012–2013
Title American Horror Story: Asylum
Role Pepper
Notes Supporting role; 7 episodes

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