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Readers ask: Actress Who Plays Nurse Jackie?

How old is the actress that plays Nurse Jackie?

The “Nurse Jackie” and “Sopranos” actress, who’s 56, is stepping on the side of law enforcement in her new CBS series, “Tommy” (premieres Feb. 6, Thursdays at 10 EST/PST), playing the first female chief of police for the Los Angeles Police Department.

What drugs is Nurse Jackie addicted to?

Showtime called Jackie Peyton a “strong-willed, iconoclastic New York City nurse juggling the frenzied grind of an urban hospital and an equally challenging personal life,” noting that she had “an occasional weakness for Vicodin, Percocet, and Xanax to get her through the days.” The main characters include Dr.

Did Jackie Peyton die at the end of Nurse Jackie?

SPOILER ALERT: Stop reading if you have not seen the “Nurse Jackie” series finale, “I Say a Little Prayer.” The episode closes with Edie Falco’s Jackie Peyton collapsing at All Saints Hospital from a presumed drug overdose, having snorted multiple lines of heroin a few minutes earlier.

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Did Nurse Jackie get Cancelled?

In September 2014, before the premiere of the seventh season, it was announced that season 7 would be the show’s final installment. So, there you go! Sadly, it is confirmed that ‘Nurse Jackie‘ season 8 is cancelled and won’t happen anytime in near future.

Does Carmela cheat on Tony?

She didn’t have an ongoing affair with anyone, but she did kiss a guy (Vic) in season two, and in season 4, she had a big crush on Furio (a guy who came over from Italy in season two), though she & Furio never had anything physical.

What happened to Momo on Nurse Jackie?

Mohammed de la Cruz aka Mo-Mo is confirmed by a rep from Showtime to be no longer part of the show. Explanation is not given as to why the character played by Haaz Sleiman is extracted. A rep for the actor however shed a little light, saying that the producers felt “the character’s storyline ran its course.

Why is Nurse Jackie a drug addict?

Her drug-related problems stem almost entirely from the fact that the drugs she favors are legal only for doctor-approved medical use. Hence she invents injuries, deceives her friends, swipes medication, and starts an ill-advised extramarital affair with the hospital pharmacist who supplies her with painkillers.

Was Nurse Jackie a sociopath?

Nurse Jackie is a sociopath. She lacks any connection to a social conscience or morality. Jackie’s only ruled by what she thinks is right, and even that can change if it gets in the way of her getting high. But Jackie has a gift of understanding and manipulating the people around her that Dexter never seems to grasp.

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Why is Nurse Jackie cheating on her husband?

Kevin is her husband for the first three seasons of the series, but after it is revealed that Jackie has a prescription drug problem that she claims to gotten help from rehab to resolve her drug addiction. Kevin has a affair because of Jackie ignoring him and claims things were “so bad” at home and lonely.

Why did Dr O’Hara leave Nurse Jackie?

Dr. O’Hara was Jackie’s confidante, until she decided to leave All Saints (in season five) to spend more time with her then infant son.

Does Nurse Jackie ever get sober?

Immediately running into Zoey, Jackie tries to make amends with her number one groupie by thanking her for being the reason she’s now clean, but it’s clear that Zoey’s gone through a detox of her own: a Jackie detox.

Does Nurse Jackie marry Eddie?

Jackie exits the party to call Grace. “I’m marrying Eddie, but you are the love of my life,” she tells. Jackie says she’s worried that she’s more upset about this than what she’s letting on.

Did they change Fiona in Nurse Jackie?

In 2009, she played the role of Fiona Peyton in the Showtime series Nurse Jackie until she was replaced by actress Mackenzie Aladjem.

What is Edie Falco worth?

Edie Falco Net Worth: Edie Falco is an American television, film and stage actress who has a net worth of $40 million. Edie Falco earned her net worth through her many acting roles in movies and television series, such as The Sopranos, and Nurse Jackie.

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Did Netflix remove Nurse Jackie?

Another fabulous Showtime series that will be leaving Netflix just before the New Year hits is Nurse Jackie, which will no longer appear in searches come December 30, 2020.

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