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Readers ask: Actress Who Played Wednesday?

What happened to the actress who played Wednesday Addams?

Lisa Loring – Wednesday Addams

Loring became addicted to heroin in 1991 and would complete addiction treatment the following year. She would return to acting in 2011, but has only had some sporadic roles in 2014 and 2015. Today in her early 60s, she’s out of the limelight and we wish her the best.

Who is the girl that played Wednesday Addams?

Lisa Loring (born Lisa Ann DeCinces; February 16, 1958) is an American actress. She is best known for having played Wednesday Addams at 6 years old on the 1964–1966 sitcom The Addams Family.

Who played Wednesday Addams in the 90s?


Cast overview, first billed only:
Anjelica Huston Morticia Addams
Christina Ricci Wednesday Addams
Jimmy Workman Pugsley Addams
Christopher Hart Thing

Did Wednesday kill Joel?

In Addams Family Values, Wednesday (it’s implied) kills her paramour Joel Glicker, and Fester’s wife Debbie Jellinsky — a perfect person in literally every respect — is electrocuted to death in the process of trying to steal the Addams money.

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Is the original Wednesday Addams still alive?

American actress, Lisa Loring who is mostly known for her role as Wednesday on “The Addam’s Family,” had it rough for years but has turned her life around. She is 61 now and looks absolutely beautiful. After her big break in the movie industry, Lisa went through an unexpected turn in events.

Why did they name her Wednesday?

When the characters were adapted to the 1964 television series, Charles Addams gave her the nameWednesday“, based on the well-known nursery rhyme line, “Wednesday’s child is full of woe”. The idea for the name was supplied by the actress and poet Joan Blake, an acquaintance of Addams.

Is fester really Gomez brother?

Film. In the movie, The Addams Family, Fester (played by Christopher Lloyd) is the long-lost brother of Gomez Addams. It is later discovered that Gordon is actually Fester, found by Abigail; his accident has caused him to suffer from amnesia, which is eventually cured by a lightning strike to his head.

Who does Wednesday Addams marry?

Lucas Beineke
Age 18
Spouse/Mate Wednesday Addams (fiance)
Appears In The Addams Family: A New Musical
Species Human

Did Wednesday kill Amanda?

Speaking of Amanda, test audiences thought that Wednesday killed her by burning her at the stake. So don’t worry, Wednesday didn’t murder her campmate in a gruesome fashion.

What creature is Wednesday Addams?

Wednesday has a pet octopus named Socrates in the film. In The Addams Family (1964), the pet octopus was called Aristotle and was owned by Pugsley. In the 1991 film, it is excluded but for its likeness on the foot of Wednesday’s bed.

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Does Wednesday Addams marry Joel?

Wednesday is all grown up and has married Joel Glicker, taking over the Addams estate after Gomez’s untimely death. With their children following in her footsteps, what happens when Amanda Buckman’s son, Bradley becomes the object of October’s affection?

Are the Addams Family immortal?

They’re not inherently immortal, they’re just very very difficult to kill. They are just odd. They are all together creepy.

Is Wednesday Addams a psychopath?

Wednesday is a very consistent character. She’s intelligent, forbidding, sadistic, solemn and something of a psychopath. As far as her skills go, we see that she’s a natural leader and extremely comfortable handling medieval weapons of torture.

Is Morticia Addams a vampire?

Morticia Addams (née Frump) was the matriarch of the Addams Family, a slim woman with pale skin, clad in a skin-tight black hobble gown with octopuslike tendrils at the hem. Certain sources suggested she may be some kind of vampire. She adored her husband, Gomez, as deeply as he did her.

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