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Readers ask: Actress Who Played Rudy Huxtable?

What is Keshia Knight Pulliam doing now?

As her focus is now on Ella, Pulliam will support whatever her daughter wishes to do in the future. The actress expressed that her daughter might follow in her footsteps. Keshia Knight Pulliam from ‘The Cosby Show’ Shares Photo of Daug Pulliam is now in a happy relationship with actor Brad James.

Who is Keshia Knight Pulliam?

Keshia Knight Pulliam was born on April 9, 1979 in Newark, New Jersey, USA. She is an actress and producer, known for The Cosby Show (1984), House of Payne (2006) and Madea Goes to Jail (2009). She was previously married to Ed Hartwell.

What is Keshia Knight Pulliam worth?

How much is Keshia Knight Pulliam Worth? Keshia Knight Pulliam Net Worth and Salary: Keshia Knight Pulliam is an American actress who has a net worth of $6 million.

Where is Keshia Knight Pulliam from?

Keshia Knight Pulliam was born in Newark, New Jersey, the daughter of Denise and James Knight Pulliam, Sr., a manager.

Who is the father of Keisha Knight baby?

TMZ: Ed Hartwell’s paternity test proves he is Keshia Knight Pulliam’s baby daddy. Ed Hartwell, after taking a paternity test, is indeed the father of Keshia Knight Pulliam‘s daughter Ella Grace, who was born last month, according to legal papers TMZ received.

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Why did The Cosby Show Get Cancelled?

In 2015, Bounce had scrapped episodes of the comedian’s 1990s CBS series, “Cosby.” This was when the sexual-assault allegations against him first surfaced. Fox News reports that most networks dumped “The Cosby Show” after accusations of sexual assault and misconduct against the title star surfaced.

Who did Brad James marry?

One of TV’s favorite little Huxtables, Rudy from “The Cosby Show,” Keshia Knight Pulliam is tying the knot with Brad James, after the pair got engaged recently in Atlanta.

How old is Rudy from The Bill Cosby Show?

Rudith Lillian “Rudy” Huxtable (born September 27, 1979) is the youngest of the Huxtable children – only five years old at the beginning of the series, making her birth year 1979. She comes of age during the course of the show. The part of Rudy is played on the series by Keshia Knight Pulliam.

What is Lisa Bonet’s net worth?

As mentioned earlier, Lisa Bonet’s net worth is estimated at $8 million as of 2021. And the combined net worth with her husband is assumed to be at $16 million.

How much is Bill Cosby worth net worth?

As of 2021, Bill Cosby’s net worth is $400 million.

Net Worth: $400 Million
Age: 83
Born: July 12, 1937
Country of Origin: United States of America
Source of Wealth: Professional Comedian/Actor

Who is Keisha Knight dating now?

Keshia Knight Pulliam is engaged to her actor boyfriend, Brad James. The former “Cosby Show” star announced the happy news Wednesday on Instagram. “I said Yes!!

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How old is Keisha Knight?

Keshia Knight Pulliam, 41, is engaged to actor Brad James, 39. She shared the news on her verified Instagram account.

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