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Quick Answer: Who Is The Actress In The State Farm Commercial?

Who are the actors in the new State Farm commercial?

Jake From State Farm’ Actor Kevin Miles: From Sleeping In His Car To Starring In Super Bowl Commercials. I write about news emerging out of the evolving entertainment world.

Who is in the new State Farm commercial 2020?

Drake stars in State Farm Super Bowl commercial as fill-in for Jake.

Who are the actors in Jake from State Farm commercial?

Kevin Miles: State Farm’s Jake

Miles was an up-and-coming actor with guest-starring roles on S.W.A.T. and Criminal Minds on his resume when he landed his role as the new “Jake,” a reincarnation of the State Farm agent on the other end of a 3 a.m. call from a married customer in one of the company’s best-known ads.

Who is the pizza delivery girl in the State Farm commercial?

Melanie Paxson
Paxson in 2007
Born Melanie Deanne Moore September 26, 1972 Champaign, Illinois, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1997–present
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Is State Farm Parker a boy or girl?

Parker is an oversexed non binary person who would rock ones world. They absolutely ruined the Jake from State Farm ad. The original ‘well he’s a guy‘ is a classic and hilarious.

Why did Jake from State Farm change?

The new “Jake” is called Kevin Mimms, and he has inadvertently stirred up a lot of controversy for replacing the original actor. State Farm said that a real actor was needed for the demanding nature of the expanded role, but the original Jake did well enough during his acting debut that he inspired a cult following.

Is Taylor Handley in a State Farm commercial?

In 2013, he appeared in the commercial “Greatness Awaits” for the PlayStation 4 console, and in 2020 in the State Farm Insurance commercial “Not the One”, in which he played a rejected contestant from a Bachelorette-esque program who is comforted by “Jake from State Farm“.

Who is the new Jake from State Farm?

Kevin Miles is still new, but has some decent TV and movie bit parts to his name. Kevin Miles, at this time of writing, hasn’t had a breakout film or TV role yet — New Jake from State Farm aside — but he’s slowly been appearing in enough notable projects to pave the way for future success.

Is David Haydn Jones in a State Farm commercial?

Q: Do you have any info on the actor who plays Aaron Rodgers’/Patrick Mahomes’ “agent” in the State Farm commercials? A: That’s David HaydnJones playing Gabe Gabriel, the sports agent competing with State Farm agents for the attention of Rodgers and Mahomes.

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Who is Parker from State Farm?

Bob ParkerState Farm Insurance Agent in Columbus, IN.

Who is in the State Farm commercial with Patrick Mahomes?

Meet ‘Drake from State Farm’: Rapper appears as ‘stand in’ for Super Bowl ad. Joining “Drake from State Farm” was quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes and actor Paul Rudd in a star-studded Super Bowl commercial.

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