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Quick Answer: Who Is The Actress In The Lg Commercial?

Who is the girl in the LG commercial?

LG SIGNATURE – Misty Copeland | LG USA.

What are they singing in the LG commercial?

LG is using “Got Your Money,” one of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s most well-known songs, to promote its latest item. In a new advertisement from the electronics company, ODB’s classic hit song “Got Your Money” soundtracks different clips of people using LG’s WashTower.

What is the LG Washing Machine song?

Likewise, LG washing machines use a jingle similar to the English folk tune “The Lincolnshire Poacher,” which was set for voice and piano by composer Benjamin Britten.

Why is my LG washing machine beeping?

Is your LG washing machine producing beeping sounds right after hitting the start button? Sounds like you need to reset your washer. LG washers are very sophisticated. The modern ones can sense when there is too much load inside the drum.

Why do washing machines sing?

One of the first musical notifications by a household machine was inspired by the Prohibition-era lyric “How dry I am,” featured in the 1952 Westinghouse D-5 Dryer. By the 1980s, kitchen appliances around the globe were emitting monophonic beeps to alert us to the progress of our coffee, dishes, and laundry.

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Why does my LG washer keep shutting off?

The washing machine may stop unexpectedly if the motor overheats in order to protect the motor from serious or permanent damage. Look for reasons why the washing machine may overheat, such as problems with the power or overloading and resolve if possible.

Why does my LG washing machine not start?

Washer Needs Hard Reset

If your LG washing machine won’t start, try doing a hard reset on the unit. To perform a reset, start by unplugging your washer. Then, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. Do the same with the play button.

How do I get the sound back on my LG washing machine?

Another way is to connect the washer to the Internet and use the LG app to enable the sound again. Unplug the washer, let it sit for 10 minutes or so which gives the backup capacitors time to drain and then plug it back in. You do this so the machine resets back to defaults and your chimes should reappear.

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