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Question: For Which Movie Was Actress Sally Field First Nominated For A Golden Globe Award?

What movie did Sally Field win an Oscar for?

Sally Field winning an Oscar® for “Places in the Heart

Did Sally Field win an Oscar for Sybil?

Field won Academy Awards for her performances in Norma Rae (1979) and Places in the Heart (1984), as well as Emmys for the 1976 TV movie Sybil and her later contributions to ER and Brothers & Sisters.

What did Sally Field say when she won the Oscar?

Sally Field (1985)

Her cry of “You like me!” (not “You really like me” as some mistakenly quote) has taken on a life of its own. “I haven’t had an orthodox career, and I‘ve wanted more than anything to have your respect,” she said. “I can’t deny the fact that you like me.

Who won most Oscars?

The most successful figure to date in the history of the Academy Awards is Katharine Hepburn, who won four Oscars throughout her acting career.

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Actors with the most Oscars from 1929 to 2020.

Number of Oscars
Jack Nicholson 3
Meryl Streep 3

Is Sally Field dating anyone?

Field Is Currently Single But Is Still Open to Dating.

How old was Sally Field in Forrest Gump?

Sally Field was 46 in Forrest Gump when she played the character ‘Mrs. Gump‘. That was over 27 years ago in 1994. Today she is 74, and has starred in 47 movies in total, 18 since Forrest Gump was released.

Why was Gidget Cancelled?

ABC canceled Gidget in April 1966 — just as the show began to find a large teen audience. Summer reruns launched the show into the Top 10 as viewers looked for programs they had not seen during their original fall/winter broadcasts.

Why was Julia Roberts not in the birthday scene in Steel Magnolias?

That is because the little girl who is playing him (C. Houser) is actually sitting on her actual mother’s lap. She was not on Julia Robert’s lap, because she got scared while sitting on hers and not her own mother’s.

Why did Shelby cut her hair in Steel Magnolias?

Newlywed Shelby cuts her hair soon after her marriage–“because that’s what girls in the South do. But it’s more of a matronly look than what hot, short haircuts look like today.” Naturally, there is some show-biz trickery involved. For Shelby’s character, she arranges a swept-up wedding coif.

How long was Shelby in a coma in Steel Magnolias?

Annelle would have had to have become pregnant around August of 1990 to give birth around Easter of 1991. If she is already pregnant at Shelby’s funeral, that means Shelby would have to have been in a coma for at least 10 months – the last of October 1989 to August of 1990.

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When did Sally Field say you like?

You really like me!” When she accepted her second best-actress Oscar for Places in the Heart in 1985, just five years after her first for Norma Rae, Field gave a speech that reflected her gratitude at being recognized by her peers even after getting her start in lowbrow fare she hated, like The Flying Nun.

Who said you like me really really like me?

‘ Even if you’ve never seen the 1984 film Places in the Heart, in which actress Sally Field portrayed a 1930s southern widow trying to keep her farm out of foreclosure, you no doubt are familiar with Field’s acceptance speech for the Academy Award the role won her. “You like me,” she declared.

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