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Question: Actress Who Played Wicked Witch In Wizard Of Oz?

Who plays the witch in the Wizard of Oz?

Margaret Hamilton (actress)

Margaret Hamilton
Years active 1933–1982
Notable work The Wicked Witch of the West in MGM’s The Wizard of Oz (1939)
Spouse(s) Paul Meserve ​ ​ ( m. 1931; div. 1938)​
Children 1

Who played Wicked Witch of the East?

Wicked Witch of the East
First appearance The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900)
Created by L. Frank Baum
Portrayed by Margaret Hamilton (The Wizard of Oz) Michelle Federer (Wicked) Rachel Weisz (Oz the Great and Powerful) Florence Kasumba (Emerald City)
In-universe information

How much was Margaret Hamilton paid for the Wizard of Oz?

Margaret Pellegrini, who portrayed one of the Munchkins in the film, said that she was paid $50 a week to work on Oz.

Who are the 4 witches of Oz?

According to L. Frank Baum, the author of the Wizard of Oz series, there were four witches in Oz. Each guarded the four cardinal directions. One was the Witch of the East, the Witch of the West, the Witch of the North and the Witch of the South.

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Which witch is the wicked witch?

In The Wiz (1974), its film version (1978), and television special (2015), the Wicked Witch of the West is given the name Evillene (portrayed by Mabel King in both the original Broadway cast and the film, and Mary J. Blige in the television special). She is the malevolent ruler of the Winkies.

Is Glinda related to the Wicked Witch?

Glinda is the Good Witch of the South and is played by Miss Piggy, as are her sisters the Good Witch of the North and the two Wicked Witches.

Why does the wicked witch hate Dorothy?

Greed is her primary motivation. The Witch is unsuccessful at stopping Dorothy from reaching the Wizard, but in a twist of fate the Wizard charges Dorothy with disposing of the Witch.

Why does the wicked witch want the ruby slippers?

In the movie the Wicked witch says that with the ruby slippers her power would be the greatest in Oz. The witch can already teleport so she really wouldn’t need the slippers for that purpose. Dorothy wanted to go home and the witch most likely wanted to enslave all of Oz.

Who got paid the most in the Wizard of Oz?

Cast member Haley earned $3,000 a week just the same as Ray Bolger. He and Bolger made six times the amount that Garland made for The Wizard of Oz. Haley was lucky to even get to play his iconic role.

What bad things happened during the Wizard of Oz?

The Wizard of Oz: Five Appalling On-Set Stories

  • The Cowardly Lion Costume Was Constructed From Actual Lion Hair.
  • The Original Tin Man Was Hospitalized After a Makeup Disaster.
  • The Snow Was Made From Asbestos.
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Is the original Wizard of Oz cursed?

3, 1956. By 1967, TIME could declare that it had become “the most popular single film property in the history of U.S. television.” The movie had made Garland a “national legend,” the magazine continued. But despite its commercial success, The Wizard of Oz is seen by some as cursed.

Is Dorothy The Witch of the South?

This is much like the water Dorothy throws onto the Witch of the West, (Theodora but now Elphaba). In the movie, Galinda states that she is the Good Witch of the South, not the North. This is odd, seeing as that the Graveyard she is first seen at and her kingdom is to the north of the Emerald City.

Are the witches of Oz sisters?

The 1939 MGM film makes the first reference to The Witches of the East and West being sisters, which was not the case in the book; none of the Witches in Baum’s Oz are related. The nature of the Emerald City is changed in the film.

What did Glinda want Dorothy?

Glinda thanks Dorothy for killing the witch and, despite her objections, insists that she put on the magic slippers, as they now belong to her. She informs Dorothy that they will keep her safe from all harm. Dorothy explains that she is from Kansas and desperately wants to get back home (“Little Girl from Kansas”).

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