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Often asked: Who Is The New Sparkle Fairy Actress?

Who is the new Sparkle paper towel fairy?

The newly restyled Sparkle Fairy acts as a spirited, witty best friend to consumers, with a sensible and practical outlook. She serves as a symbol to celebrate individuality and assist in spending less per sheet on the mess with the brand’s paper towels. Nicole Cook, Director of Brand Building at Georgia Pacific.

Who is the sparkle girl?

Sparkle, whose real name is Stephanie Edwards, was born on the West Side of Chicago, the youngest of six children.

Who owns Sparkle paper towels?

Today, Georgia-Pacific, the company behind Sparkle® paper towels, announced a three-year partnership with the Kids In Need Foundation, providing free school supplies to students and schools in need across the country.

Are Sparkle paper towels good?

I buy this brand and also the Scott Pick-A-Size, and they’re both pretty good. The Sparkle sheets are very slightly smaller and seem a little thicker than Scott’s, but not enough to matter. Both brands are absorbent and tear cleanly off the roll. Both brands are absorbent and tear cleanly off the roll.

Which paper towel absorbs the most?

Bounty was the most absorbent and the strongest paper towel we tried.

Are Kirkland paper towels as good as bounty?

We’re pleased to say that Kirkland Signature’s towels were astonishingly close to our number one pick. So close, in fact, that we would recommend Costco shoppers to buy these instead of Bounty. In feel and texture, they were almost identical to Bounty.

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Which is better Bounty or Brawny?

In fact, over the life of a roll, Brawny collects nearly half a pound more liquid than Bounty and costs less. Key takeaways: Brawny – Pick-A-Size is our choice for best paper towel due to its strength, absorbency and scrubbing power. Brawny also costs less per square foot than our second-best pick, Bounty.

What is the softest paper towel?

Viva paper towels were also the softest paper towels, according to our consumer testers. They did not break easily and were one of the thickest options. Reviewers note that these paper towels have fewer sheets per roll than other brands.

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