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Often asked: Who Is The Actress In The Southwest Airlines Commercial?

Who is the girl in the Southwest Airlines commercial?

Funny. Southwest Airlines unveiled two hilarious TV commercials named “Class Dismissed,” and “Family Fun.” The voice-over is Rashida Jones (known for her role in NBC comedy series The Office and the new 2020 Netflix series BlackAF). The campaing was created by the advertising agency GSD&M.

Who is the Listerine girl?

Lisa Catara – Other Works – IMDb.

Who is the voice of Southwest Airlines?

#9: Southwest Airlines

If you’re like millions of other people, you love “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation.”Rashida Jones is in both of those hit shows. This is your captain speaking, today’s flight is brought to you by Rashida Jones. The actress took to the skies in 2015 to do voiceovers for Southwest Airlines.

Who is the girl in the Listerine Cool Mint commercial?

Listerine Cool Mint claims to clean virtually 100 percent of your mouth while brushing only reaches 25 percent.. The role of the wife in the commercial is played by actress Melissa Greenspan.

How do you use Listerine Cool Mint?

Directions: Rinse full strength for 30 seconds with 20 ml ( 2 / 3 fl. ounce or 4 teaspoonfuls) morning and night. If bad breath persists, see your dentist.

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Indications: Use Cool Mint Listerine Antiseptic twice daily to help:

  1. Prevent & Reduce Plaque.
  2. Prevent & Reduce Gingivitis.
  3. Fight Bad Breath.
  4. Kills Germs Between teeth.

Who is the actor in the Listerine commercial?

Warner Lambert-owned mouthwash brand Listerine is set to air its new TV ad, based on its tooth fairy theme, on May 1. The series of commercials has been created by J Walter Thompson. The ad features tough-guy actor Keith Allen as the tooth fairy, and in it, he is showing his apprentice son the ropes.

Does Josh Lucas do Home Depot commercials?

Josh Lucas, Home Depot

Well, you can blame the dulcet tones of Sweet Home Alabama star Josh Lucas. However, Lucas isn’t the only star who’s shilled for the home improvement giant: before he landed the gig, Home Depot’s previous spokesmen included industry legends Ed Harris and Gene Hackman.

How do you do a voice over for commercials?

7 Tips for Booking Commercial Voiceover Work

  1. Listen for current trends in national ads.
  2. Practice the current styles.
  3. Find a voiceover coach (or take a class).
  4. Create a commercial demo.
  5. Find voiceover auditions online or by networking.
  6. Read and analyze your copy.
  7. Compare your work to the winning read.

Who narrates USAA commercial?

Matt McCoy (actor)

Matt McCoy
Occupation Actor
Years active 1979–present
Spouse(s) Mary McCoy ​ ( m. after 1985)​
Children 3

Who is the voice of the Listerine donkey?

His career in voice acting began in the 1970s.

John Stocker (voice actor)

John Stocker
Born August 13, 1947 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Occupation Voice actor
Years active 1973–present
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