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Often asked: Who Is The Actress In Rocket Mortgage Commercial?

Who is the girl in rocket mortgage commercial?

Anjali Bhimani – Actress – Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans | LinkedIn.

Who are the actors in the rocket mortgage commercial?

Actors Dave Bautista and Liza Koshy also star in the mortgage lender’s Super Bowl ad.

Who’s the redhead in the rocket mortgage commercial?

Jennifer Marshall (I)

What breed is Rufus in rocket mortgage commercial?

My name is Rufus and I am a six year-old Border Collie/Lab/Terrier mix who weighs 25 pounds.

Who is Quicken Loans blonde?

Dawn Rochelle Warner

Dawn Rochelle
Spouse(s) Josue Ramos (1999–2007)
Modeling information
Height 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Hair color Blonde

Who is the actor in the Quicken Loans Commercial?

But when you’re Rocket Mortgage, the largest mortgage lender in America, and you get Jason Momoa, one of the largest actors (literally and in Hollywood star power) to be in your spot for this Sunday’s game…well, that provides an interesting update to the terminology.

What is the song on the rocket mortgage commercial?

Rocket Mortgage TV Commercial, ‘More Than a Lawn’ Featuring Rickie Fowler, Song by Bob Dylan.

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What does rocket mortgage do?

Rocket Mortgage® lets you work at your own pace, while providing award-winning customer service and expert advice. It lets you apply online, anytime, at your convenience – which means it’s there when you need a fast approval to buy a house or a way to lock your rate when rates drop.

What is the largest dog breed?

The largest dog breeds

  • Great Dane: They may be extremely large and strong, but the Great Dane is known as a “gentle giant” because of its calm and loving disposition.
  • Mastiff: Though one of the biggest dogs recognized by the AKC, the powerful Mastiff is a gentle and loyal companion.

What type of dog is Rufus?

Rufus is a colored bull terrier, the same breed that spawned Spuds McKenzie and the Target store mascot.

What is the dog in the rocket mortgage commercial?

All TV Spots

The 30-second spot features two young women who talk about Rufus, their six-month dog, who was tiny when they adopted him, but has grown in the meantime much more that they had expected.

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