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Often asked: Which Actress Portrays The Nurse Who Runs A Secret Emergency Room For Criminals In Hotel Artemis?

Who is the nurse in Hotel Artemis?


Cast overview, first billed only:
Jodie Foster The Nurse
Sterling K. Brown Waikiki
Sofia Boutella Nice
Jeff Goldblum Niagara

Who ran across the screen at the end of Hotel Artemis?

Jodie Foster slammed ‘Hotel Artemis‘ star Dave Bautista: ‘Liam Neeson is much bigger than you’ At 6 feet, 3 inches and a hulking 290 pounds, Dave Bautista was once the most feared wrestler in the WWE.

What happened to the nurse’s son in hotel Artemis?

Jean treats Morgan’s wounds, and we learn that Beau was Jean’s son who supposedly died from an overdose as a young man. After she gets better, Morgan leaves the hotel.

Who plays nice in Artemis?

Cast (in credits order) complete, awaiting verification

Jodie Foster The Nurse
Sofia Boutella Nice
Jeff Goldblum Niagara
Brian Tyree Henry Honolulu
Jenny Slate Morgan

Is Artemis Hotel Real?

For the film’s production designer Ramsey Avery, it was inspired by a real-life LA hotel with a similarly checkered history – the Hotel Alexandria. “It was the fanciest hotel in Los Angeles when it opened in 1906,” Avery said.

Is Artemis connected to John Wick?

Here’s the thing, though: As familiar as that all sounds, “Hotel Artemis” is in no way related to the “John Wick” films. Different writers, different producers, different studio, different stars — even though it’s got the exact same concept, the exact same sense of style, the exact same bloodlust.

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How did Beau Die in Hotel Artemis?

After fixing his wound, Wolf King reveals that he had Beau killed after he stole a car from him. Jean considers killing him in retribution, but killing patients is against the rules of the Artemis.

Does Hotel Artemis have a post credit scene?

There is a quick extra scene during the credits of Hotel Artemis. The extra scene shows a blood stained hotel hallway, and very briefly, a shadowy figure (presumably Nice) darts across the screen.

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