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Often asked: Which Actress Danced With Bruce Springsteen On Stage In His “dancing In The Dark” Video?

Did Courtney Cox dance on stage with Bruce Springsteen?

Springsteen turned the ‘Courteney Cox moment’ into a concert staple by continuing to bring random fans up to dance with him on stage, during the song’s performance. Sassy request signs eventually transformed this once female only friendly tradition into an E Street Band free-for-all-dance-a-thon.

Who did Bruce Springsteen dance with in Dancing in the Dark?

The video is a straight performance video, with Springsteen not playing a guitar, allowing him to invite a young woman from the audience, performed by Courteney Cox, to dance along with him on the stage at the end.

Was Courtney Cox planted in the Bruce Springsteen audience?

Courteney Cox, who was planted in the audience, got the role of the adoring fan in the front row who gets to dance on stage with Bruce. (Despite the song title, the dancing took place in good light.) To get the shots, Springsteen did the song twice, with DePalma repositioning his cameras after the first take.

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How old was Courtney Cox in Bruce Springsteen video?

Asked if she ever recreates her moves in Bruce Springsteen‘s “Dancing in the Dark” video (in which she stars as a fan brought onstage to dance with the singer), Cox, 54, just laughs.

Was Courtney Cox starred in Bruce Springsteen video?

Courteney Cox attended Springsteen on Broadway in New York City on Tuesday, along with her former Friends co-star, Jennifer Aniston. Cox famously starred in Springsteen’s music video for “Dancing in the Dark” in 1984, as the lucky lady who gets pulled onstage at his concert in St. Paul, Minnesota.

How did Courtney Cox get discovered?

Cox’s big break came when she was cast by Brian De Palma in the Bruce Springsteen video “Dancing in the Dark.” In 1985, she moved to Los Angeles and landed the role of Lauren Miller—Michael J. Fox’s girlfriend on the hit series Family Ties. The series made her an international superstar.

How much is Bruce Springsteen worth?

The “Dancing in the Dark” crooner has a net worth estimated to be about $500 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Per the outlet, Bruce’s fortune continues to increase each year thanks to his $80 million salary.

Who covered because the night?


Title Performer Release date
Because the Night Bruce Springsteen November 10, 1986
Because the Night CO.RO feat. Taleesa 1992
Because the Night Quantize featuring Jackie Lowry 1992
Because the Night 10,000 Maniacs 1993

Are Courteney Cox and David Schwimmer still married?

Courteney and fellow actor David were together for two years before getting married on 12th June 1999. They separated ten years later before finally divorcing in May 2013.

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Did Bruce Springsteen ever have a #1 song?

Bruce Springsteen might have some of the most recognizable songs in the world, but none of them have garnered the top spot on the Hot 100. Casual Springsteen fans might be surprised to know that The Boss has never hit No 1 on the Hot 100. Springsteen has gotten close with 1984’s “Dancing in the Dark,” which reached No.

What does dancing Courteney Cox style mean?

When Lily (in Marshall’s imagination) is talking about dancing on stage with George Clinton “Courteney Cox style“, is a reference to Bruce Springsteen’s video “Dancing In The Dark”, where Bruce Springsteen chooses Courteney Cox from the crowd to dance with him on stage.

What did Courtney Cox do before friends?

The following year, shortly before the debut of the sitcom Friends, Cox starred alongside Jim Carrey in the comedy film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and as Jerry Seinfeld’s girlfriend, Meryl, in the Seinfeld episode “The Wife”. In 1995, she was cast in Toad the Wet Sprocket’s music video “Good Intentions”.

Can Courteney Cox play the drums?

Courteney can play the drums and the piano. 6. Even before they became a couple on the show, Cox said that if Monica had to “do” a Friend, she would choose Chandler.

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