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Often asked: What Actress Became A Nun?

When did Dolores Hart become a nun?

Dolores Hart was compared to Grace Kelly and starred opposite Elvis Presley, but she gave up fame at just 24 to live a monastic life as a nun, renouncing all earthly pleasures. 20th Century-Fox/Getty ImagesDolores Hart played a nun in Francis Of Assisi in 1961. Just a few years later, she became one in real life.

Why does Mother Dolores Hart wear a beret?

as Mother Dolores, writes Gemma Grant. Mother tends to stand out from her Sisters, thanks to the black beret she sports on top of her veil. She was given permission to wear the beret when, as a young nun, she informed Mother Benedict that her head was cold following.

Where is Dolores Hart now?

Today she is Mother Dolores. She lives at the Abbey of Regina Laudis in rural Connecticut, where she has been a cloistered nun for 37 years. Through a special dispensation from the Abbey, ABCNEWS’ Bob Brown was able to talk with her. Hart was a child of the silver screen — both of her parents were actors.

What famous actress became a nun?

Dolores Hart, who at age 24 startled the film world in 1962 by leaving a thriving screen career — including two roles opposite Elvis Presley — to become a nun, has returned to Hollywood for her first visit after 43 years in a monastery.

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Do nuns still cut their hair?

Not all Nuns and Sisters are expected to cut their hair and keep it short, but there is a tradition in place. When Postulants become Nuns, they usually get a short haircut from the other Nuns as a symbol of giving herself to God and giving up personal vanity, and the pursuit of a husband.

When was King Creole made?

When King Creole opened on July 2, 1958, Curtiz’s predictions that Presley would impress came true.

Who was Dolores Hart engaged to?

Dolores Hart not only did her movie thing, she got engaged to Don Robinson, a California architect. They dated for five years. She broke off the engagement when she decided to become a nun. He never married, and they remained friends until his death in 2011.

How tall is Dolores Hart?

Overview (3)

Born October 20, 1938 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Birth Name Dolores Hicks
Height 5′ 5½” (1.66 m)
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