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Often asked: How Many Husband Of Rekha Actress?

Why does Indian actress Rekha ji always dress like a married?

Rekha’s sindoor is a mark of respect

Rekha’s signature bridal kanjeevarams and that striking sindoor is perhaps an homage to the one she loves and respects the most, Amitabh Bachchan. The two were rumoured to be having an affair at one point and she had always had the nicest things to say about him.

Who is Rekha’s daughter?

Years active 1936-1969
Spouse(s) I. V. Rangachari
Partner(s) Gemini Ganesan
Children 5 1 son and 4 daughters including Rekha and Radha

What happened to Rekha’s husband?

On October 2, 1990, Mukesh could not take further, decided to take away his life. He had hanged himself to the ceiling fan of his room, using his wife’s dupatta. Their marriage had lasted for only seven months! After Mukesh’s death, Rekha was projected as a ‘vamp’ and was blamed for Mukesh’s suicide.

Why does Rekha put sindoor on her forehead?

But when she was asked about the same, she gave a surprising answer and said that she has put it because it looks good on her. Rekha said, ” I was going there straight from a film shooting.. and I don’t worry about people’s reactions. By the way, I think it looks rather nice on me..

Does Rekha have a child?

Rekha (Actress) Height, Age, Affairs, Husband, Family, Biography & More

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Husband/Spouse Late Vinod Mehra (rumored) Late Mukesh Agarwal (m. January 1990; d. October 1990)
Children Son- N/A Daughter- N/A
Money Factor
Net Worth $30 million

How did Rekha lose weight?

Instead of eating oily and spicy she prefers to include zucchini vegetables, salads, sprouted grains and dried fruits in her diet. Instead of eating more food at one time, she eats a little in a span of few hours. Rekha emphasizes the use of water to reduce weight and keep the skin young.

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