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Often asked: Actress Who Turned Down Pretty Woman And Ghost?

Who turned down role in Pretty Woman?

Molly Ringwald: Vivian Ward in ‘Pretty Woman’

The ’80s teen queen was reportedly close to playing then-unknown Julia Roberts‘ role in the 1990 classic. “Julia Roberts is what makes that movie. It was her part,” Ringwald said during a Reddit Q&A in April 2012.

Who turned down the role in Ghost?

Whoopi Goldberg has revealed she was turned down for her iconic role in Ghost but bagged the part after Patrick Swayze refused to be involved until she auditioned. The actress, 64, has lifted the lid on the casting process for the cult film, revealing she was initially turned down due to her persona being ‘too big’.

Who turned down the role of Andy Dufresne?

Costner was offered the part of the main character Andy Dufresne in the Shawshank Redemption. Tom Hanks turned down the role of Andy Dufresne due to scheduling conflicts with “Forrest Gump.” Brad Pitt was intended for the role of Tommy Williams.

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Who passed on Pretty Woman?

The actress snagged the role of down-on-her-luck prostitute Vivian Ward, and then just three days later lost the job that would eventually earn her the title of “America’s Sweetheart.” That’s because the film, which was originally titled 3,000, had cast Roberts as its leading lady, just days before its original

Did Richard Gere and Julia Roberts get along in Pretty Woman?

More than 30 years after they played characters Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis, respectively, in Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts and Richard Gere remain close friends today. Gere in the Big Apple. “Julia met Alejandra with Danny on one of their trips to NYC. Everyone got along swimmingly,” the source added.

How much did Julia Roberts get paid for Pretty Woman?

Despite the film earning millions upon release, Roberts only got paid $300,000 for her role.

Why did Carl kill Sam in Ghost?

Sam discovers that Carl was involved in a money laundering scheme at the bank and that the attack was an attempt by Carl to acquire Sam’s security codes, so he could transfer the money from the many accounts to one at another bank.

How much money does Oda Mae withdraw from the bank?

Oda Mae can‘t believe her ears when she is told that she is about to withdraw $10 million and leaves, somewhat unsteadily, with a bankers cheque made out to this amount.

Who turned down the role of Bubba in Forrest Gump?

Dave Chappelle turned down a role in ‘Forrest Gump’ because he felt the Bubba character fed into racial stereotypes. According to Chappelle, he felt that playing a character named Bubba was racially demeaning.

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Who turned down Indiana Jones?

1 Tom Selleck As Indiana Jones In Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Casting Indiana Jones was tricky, but even when it became apparent that Harrison Ford was the perfect choice for the role, George Lucas was reluctant to cast him.

Who turned down American Gigolo?

Production. Christopher Reeve reportedly turned down the part of Julian Kaye despite being offered a fee of $1 million, before Richard Gere became attached to the role.

Who turned down the role of Han Solo?

4 Solo: Ansel Elgort

Elgort was the first to admit to “having a terrible audition.” Losing out on the opportunity to play Han Solo worked out for the actor, as he was happy he didn’t have to change his DJ name: Ansolo.

What happened to Kit From Pretty Woman?

Without the means to pay for more drugs, Kit develops full-blown AIDS and dies in 1997. Vivian and Edward call their newborn daughter Kit in her honor.

What was Richard Gere’s job in Pretty Woman?

Edward Lewis is the first protagonist of the Touchstone Pictures film Pretty Woman. He is a successful businessman and CEO and owner of Edward Lewis Enterprises.

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