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FAQ: Doctor Who Vastra Actress?

Are Madame Vastra and Jenny married?

The three characters first appear in the sixth series episode “A Good Man Goes to War.” Madame Vastra (a Silurian) and Jenny Flint (a human) are a married couple. In later stories we see them living in London during the 19th century.

How did the doctor meet Madame Vastra?

She was awoken due to construction in the London Underground, the Doctor stopped her from rampaging through London, and she became a detective-like character working with Scotland yard and “ate” Jack the Ripper.

Where did Vastra and Strax come from?

Vastra is from Earth and Strax is either from Sontar or one of the breeding planets. Really though, Strax went back to Victorian England with Vastra and Jenny after Demons Run. Vastra had already been living there for a while; she was awakened during construction of the London Underground.

Is Clara the doctor’s daughter?

Clara is the future child of the Doctor and River who’s had her memory erased. The two Time Lords must be up to something on their nights away from River’s prison cell.

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Is the doctor’s daughter a Time Lord?

Tennant is the daughter of the actor Peter Davison, who portrayed the Doctor’s fifth incarnation from 1981 to 1984.

Jenny (Doctor Who)

Portrayed by Georgia Tennant
In-universe information
Species Time Lord
Relatives The Doctor (father)

Is Jenny dead Doctor Who?

Upon arriving at the Source, the Doctor told the respective parties to end the war, whereupon General Cobb aimed his gun and shot at him, Jenny jumping in the way of the bullet. She was shot through one of her hearts, and died, but did not regenerate.

What is Strax?

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Who plays Strax?

How to Make a Sontaran | Dan Starkey Transforms into Strax | Doctor Who.

Will Jenny ever return to Doctor Who?

Despite various rumors and many calls from fans for more of Jenny, the character has yet to return to Doctor Who, leaving her adventures in time and space unknown. Fortunately, Jenny’s story has been continued via the form of comic and audio adventures.

How is Strax alive?

He fought and died at the Battle of Demons Run to repay the Doctor, to whom he owed a debt for saving his life. Strax was later resurrected by Vastra and Jenny Flint and lived in Victorian London with them, acting as their butler.

Who plays Jenny?

Actress Catrin Stewart tells us what it’s like playing Jenny Flint in Doctor Who in our exclusive interview.

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Why is Clara called The Impossible Girl?

Clara Oswald (born 23 November 1986) was a companion of the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. According to the Doctor, she was “impossible” due to their meetings previously in his personal timeline, with two such encounters where he saw her die.

Who will be the 14th Doctor?

Doctor Who: Noel Clarke now second favourite to replace Jodie Whittaker as 14th Doctor.

Did Clara Oswald really die?

Clara was forced to face the Raven, killed by the touch of a Quantum Shade. However, death would not be the end for the impossible girl, and using Time Lord technology, the Doctor was able to extract Clara a second before her death, between one heartbeat and the next.

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