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Who Won Best Actor In 2008?

Which film won the 2008 Best Picture Oscar?

80th Academy Awards
Produced by Gil Cates
Directed by Louis J. Horvitz
Best Picture No Country for Old Men

What film won Best Picture in 2008?

Best Picture

  • No Country for Old Men. Scott Rudin, Ethan Coen and Joel Coen, Producers.
  • Atonement. Tim Bevan, Eric Fellner and Paul Webster, Producers.
  • Juno. Lianne Halfon, Mason Novick and Russell Smith, Producers.
  • Michael Clayton. Sydney Pollack, Jennifer Fox and Kerry Orent, Producers.
  • There Will Be Blood.

Who won the last Oscar for best actor?

Daniel Day-Lewis has received the most awards in this category, with three wins. Spencer Tracy and Laurence Olivier were nominated on nine occasions, more than any other actor.

Academy Award for Best Actor
Most recent winner Joaquin Phoenix Joker (2019)

What movie won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2007?

79th Academy Awards
Best Picture The Departed
Most awards The Departed (4)
Most nominations Dreamgirls (8)
TV in the United States
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What movie won the Oscar for Best Picture in 2009?

Slumdog Millionaire won eight awards, including Best Picture.

81st Academy Awards
Best Picture Slumdog Millionaire
Most awards Slumdog Millionaire (8)
Most nominations The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (13)

Did Slumdog Millionaire win Best Picture?

Against all odds (literally—the film picked up zero acting nominations, which is traditionally a deal breaker for winning Best Picture), Slumdog Millionaire won eight Oscars in total, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

How many films were nominated for the 2009 Best Picture Oscar?

With 13 nominations — including Best Picture, Best Actor (Brad Pitt), Best Supporting Actress (Taraji P. Henson), and Best Director (David Fincher) — The Curious Case of Benjamin Button leads the field of Academy Award contenders announced this morning in Los Angeles.

When did Hugh Jackman host the Oscars?

When Hugh Jackman was charged with hosting the 2009 Oscars — which took place during the Great Recession — his opening number made a number of jokes about the economy (Jackman introduced “the Craigslist dancers”) as he highlighted all the year’s best picture nominees.

Who is the male actor with the most Oscars?

1 Jack Nicholson: 3 Wins (12 Nominations)

Jack Nicholson has wowed with many performances, and while he is tied with two others for the most Oscar wins, no other male actor comes close to his total number of nominations.

Who is the youngest person to win an Oscar?

Tatum O’Neal for ‘Paper Moon’, aged 10

The latter deservedly took home the prize for Best Supporting Actress in 1974 and remains the youngest winner of a competitive Oscar.

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Which actor has been in the most best picture winners?

List of actors

Actor Number Best Pictures
Meryl Streep 3 The Deer Hunter (1978), Kramer vs. Kramer (1979), Out of Africa (1985)
Gregor Truter 2 The English Patient (1996), Shakespeare in Love (1998)
Nick Vallelonga 2 The Godfather (1972), Green Book (2018)
Norma Varden 2 Casablanca (1942), The Sound of Music (1965)

Who is the youngest male actor to win an Oscar?


Superlative Overall Actor
Oldest Nominee Christopher Plummer Age 88
Oldest Winner Christopher Plummer Age 82
Youngest Nominee Justin Henry Age 8
Youngest Winner Tatum O’Neal Age 20
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