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When Did Actor Robert Horton Die?

Is Robert Fuller still alive?

Today, actor Robert Fuller is retired and living in Texas. Robert Fuller was born Buddy Lee Simpson on July 29, 1933 in Troy, New York. Both of his parents were dance instructors.

Are any of the cast of Wagon Train still alive?

Only two are alive today. One of these survivors is Michael Burns who ‘evolved’ into a regular after appearing in an early episode as a boy stricken speechless by the murder of his father.

Why did Robert Horton leave the show wagon train?

Bond died of a heart attack in 1960, and John McIntire became the new wagon master. “Wagon Train” overtook “Gunsmoke” atop the Nielsen ratings in 1961. Mr. Horton left the show when it was at the height of its popularity, turning down a lucrative contract because, he said, he wanted to avoid becoming typecast.

What was the last episode of Wagon Train that Ward Bond was on?

During the fourth season Scott Miller was introduced as an assistant scout Duke Shannon. Ward Bond died of a heart attack on November 5, 1960.

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Season overview.

Episodes 37
Originally aired First aired September 30, 1959
Last aired June 22, 1960
Network NBC

Ещё 7 столбцов

What is Robert Fuller worth?

Robert Fuller net worth: Robert Fuller is an American actor who has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Born in Troy, New York, Robert Fuller, also known as Buddy Lee, grew up in Florida, and graduated from Miami Military Academy.

Did Robert Fuller and John Smith get along?

The two began to develop a lifelong friendship, in 1956. At the same approximate time when co-starring with Smith in Laramie, Fuller also guest-starred with Smith on an episode of Cimarron City.

Did Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood get along?

Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood never became close friends but they did learn to be comfortable colleagues.

Why did Jess Harper always wear gloves?

Why did Jess Harper always wear gloves? In reply to Margery Lawrence (Radio Times, June 18) I would say that the most likely reason for Jess Harper’s constant wearing of gloves lies in the original conception of the character as a reformed gunman-gambler.

Did Robert Horton and Ward Bond get along?

Ward Bond (Major Seth Adams) and Robert Horton (Flint McCullough) did not get along on the set. According to Horton, Bond spread rumors about his sexuality. The two men settled their differences two days before Bond died.

How much did it cost to join a wagon train?

The overland journey from Independence, Missouri, to Oregon or California meant a six-month trip across 2,000 miles of hard country. It was costly—as much as $1,000 for a family of four. That fee included a wagon at about $100.

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Did they really circle the wagons?

Contrary to the depictions of dime novels and Hollywood Westerns, attacks by the Plains Indians were not the greatest hazard faced by westbound settlers. While pioneer trains did circle their wagons at night, it was mostly to keep their draft animals from wandering off, not protect against an ambush.

Who was John Wayne’s best friend?

Gone are three of his closest friends: actor Grant Withers, who committed suicide; actor Ward Bond, who dropped dead of a heart attack in 1960 at the height of his TV fame in Wagon Train; and Bev Barnett, Wayne’s longtime press agent. “Oh, God,” Wayne said of Barnett’s death, “that’s a tough one.”

Why did they say Wagons ho?

Fires had to be made from dried buffalo dung, or “buffalo chips,” as settlers called them. The travelers usually ate a breakfast of sowbelly (bacon) and slam-johns (flapjacks). At seven each morning, Applegate gave the command, “Wagons ho!” Each wagon had to be in its assigned place at that time.

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