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Readers ask: Who Was The Predator Actor?

Who was the actor in the Predator suit?

Kevin Peter Hall
Occupation Actor
Years active 1978–1991
Known for Predator
Height 7 ft 2 in (218 cm)

Did Jean Claude Van Damme play predator?

A bit of background: When Van Damme was cast in Predator, which hit theaters in June 1987, he was still a virtual unknown. His only major credit was as the Russian villain — a sort-of Ivan Drago, but with roundhouse kicking — in the 1986 martial arts film No Retreat, No Surrender.

Why was Jean Claude Van Damme fired from Predator?

For his part, Van Damme himself explained that while his issues performing in the first Predator suit were true – the creature initially looked much different than how it does in the finished movie – the reason he says he was ultimately fired is due to refusing to do a stunt he thought was unsafe.

How old was Arnold in Predator?

IMDb Rating: 0

Actor Age then Age now
Arnold Schwarzenegger 40 73
Carl Weathers 39 73
Elpidia Carrillo 26 59
Bill Duke 44 78
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Why did the predator not kill Dutch?

Dutch was also the last of the group: the Predator was probably milking the hunt because if it killed Dutch, it wouldn’t have another foe (for a while at least). In combination with the first point above: the Predator knew it wouldn’t get such a great foe like Dutch again, possibly forever.

Is the predator a good guy?

The Yautja, more popularly known as the Predators, are an alien race and the main antagonists of the Predator film series. They also appear as anti-heroes in the Aliens vs. Predator franchise. The Predators as a dangerous race are great hunters, with trophies from many species across the galaxy.

What defines a predator?

: an animal that lives by killing and eating other animals: an animal that preys on other animals.: a person who looks for other people in order to use, control, or harm them in some way. See the full definition for predator in the English Language Learners Dictionary. predator. noun.

What did the original Predator look like?

The original monster looked like an ungainly reptile creature with large eyes and exposed muscles. Footage of a young Van Damme filming in the Mexican jungle shows an all-red version of the suit that would later be used “cloak” the Predator in post.

How much is Jean-Claude Van Damme worth?

Jean-Claude Van Damme Net Worth: Jean-Claude Van Damme, also known as JCVD, is a Belgian actor and retired martial artist who has a net worth of $40 million.

What really happened to Jean-Claude Van Damme?

He will also be featuring in 2021’s Minions: The Rise of Gru. However, Van Damme still spends most his time in the action movie genre. And, on most occasions, he still plays the main protagonist. In 2016, he played himself for a second time in a short-lived TV series for Amazon, titled JeanClaude Van Johnson.

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Did they use live ammo in Predator?


… but was still extremely deadly. The GE M134 Minigun wielded by Ventura’s character didn’t shoot live rounds, but for safety reasons, the cast and crew were required to stand at least 50 feet away when it was fired.

How old is the predator?

First introduced in 1987 as the main antagonist of the film Predator, the Predator creatures returned in the sequels Predator 2 (1990), Predators (2010) and The Predator (2018), as well as the crossover films Alien vs. Predator (2004) and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007).

Who died from 227?

Actress Helen Martin, 90, who played the neighbor Pearl on TV’s “227,” died of a heart attack in Northern California on Saturday.

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