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Readers ask: How Did Actor Richard Long Die?

What happened to the youngest son on the Big Valley?

Charles Briles, who played the seldom-seen youngest son Eugene Barkley on the 1960s Barbara Stanwyck Western The Big Valley, has died. The cause of death was congestive heart failure.

Why was the Big Valley Cancelled?

‘The Big Valley‘ was cancelled in 1969 despite its popularity because the networks were phasing out westerns in favor of more modern television shows.

Where is Peter Breck now?

Peter Breck, who starred as Barbara Stanwyck’s most temperamental son, Nick Barkley, in the popular 1960s western series “The Big Valley,” died on Monday in Vancouver, British Columbia. He was 82 and had lived in Vancouver since the 1980s. His death was confirmed by his wife, Diana. Mr.

Did any of the Barkleys get married?

Victoria (Barbara Stanwyck) is the only Barkley who was never shot throughout the run of the series. Heath (Lee Majors) was shot the most, while Nick (Peter Breck) and Jarrod were each shot twice in the same episode. Jarrod (Richard Long) was the only one to ever get married.

How many sons were there on the Big Valley?

Lawson Hill ran the ranch until he was murdered in 1861. His wife Euphemia (“Auntie Hill”) then became the matriarch. During their marriage, they had four children, one daughter and three sons.

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Was the Big Valley house real?

Today, the location of the ranch is covered by the waters of Lake Camanche. A California state historical marker standing at Camanche South Shore Park mentions the historic ranch. The set used to film the exterior of the Barkley Mansion stood on the backlot of Republic Studios from 1947 until 1975.

What was Peter Breck net worth?

How much is Peter Breck worth? Peter has an estimated net worth of around $1 million – $5 million USD. His main income source was his profession as a TV Actor.

How old is Peter Breck?

Peter Breck, who played a hot-headed son of California ranch owner Barbara Stanwyck on the 1960s TV Western The Big Valley, died Monday in Vancouver after a long illness. He was 82.

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