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Readers ask: Actor Who Played Frasier’s Dad?

What happened to Frasier’s dad?

Although Martin is first mentioned in an episode of the sitcom Cheers, his life history is mainly expanded on in Frasier. In an eighth season Cheers episode, Frasier claims that his father is dead and was a scientist in life. At the age of 19, Martin joined the U.S. Army, and saw combat in the Korean War.

Did Eddie Like John Mahoney?

An interview with his co-star Kelsey Grammer has come to light since the announcement of Mahoney’s death. In it, Grammer explains the reality behind the relationship Mahoney had with his seemingly much-loved on-screen dog Eddie.

Why do you never see Maris on Frasier?

According to The Atlantic¸, the team behind the series had originally planned to keep Maris hidden for a few episodes as a nod to Cheers. Eventually, they wanted to reveal her, and the reveal was supposed to happen within the first season. The writers, however, did too good of a job describing the character.

Why do they show celebrities at the end of Frasier?

Wow Frasier scored some celebrity talent over the years. Every time it happens, it’s the season finale episode. It’s a thanks to all the callers from that season. It’s black-and-white because they‘re their headshots.

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Did John Mahoney have a British accent?

He moved to the US as a young man, serving in the US army for three years, which he credits with eradicating his native British accent. It was only in his 40s that he became a professional actor, after actors John Malkovich and Gary Sinise invited him to join the new Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

Why does Frasier’s dad have a cane?

One of the marvels of Mahoney in particular was the way he maintained Martin’s limp. The character limped and walked with a cane as the result of his bullet wound.

Are they bringing back Frasier?

The hit 1990s TV comedy series “Frasier,” starring Kelsey Grammer as a snobbish radio advice-show host, is coming back to television. Grammer said on Wednesday he would reprise his role in the revival that will focus on “the next chapter in the continuing journey of Dr. Frasier Crane.”

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