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Readers ask: Actor Who Played Billy Elliot?

Who plays older Billy Elliot?

Adam Cooper (dancer)

Adam Cooper
Born 22 July 1971 Tooting, London, England
Occupation Actor, choreographer, dancer, and director
Spouse(s) Sarah Wildor ​ ( m. 2000)​
Children 2

Did Jamie Bell do the dancing in Billy Elliot?

What is interesting is that Jamie Bell, the actor who portrays Billy Elliot, had been dancing since he was six years old and was actually trained in ballet. Like Billy, Jamie Bell was teased in school for being a ballet dancer.

How old was Jamie Bell when he was in Billy Elliot?

British Jamie Bell became an international success at the age of 14 for his role of Billy Elliot in the film of the same name.

Who has played Billy Elliot on stage?

Original casts

Character Original London cast Original Broadway cast
Billy Elliot Liam Mower James Lomas George Maguire Kiril Kulish David Álvarez Trent Kowalik
Mrs. Wilkinson Haydn Gwynne
Dad Tim Healy Gregory Jbara
Tony Joe Caffrey Santino Fontana
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How did Billy Elliot’s mother died?

A GIRL of 12 who was in the hit West End musical Billy Elliot was killed by a bus on her way to a dance class. Charlotte Leatherbarrow’s mother watched in horror as the double-decker hit her daughter as she darted across the road because she was late.

Is Billy Elliot Based on a true story?

The film was nominated for three Academy Awards, and Jamie Bell, who played Billy, was widely praised for his performance. The character of Billy was actually inspired by a real man who faced similar struggles in his pursuit of becoming an opera singer in the 60s.

Did Kate Mara have a baby?

Mara and Bell, 34, have been private about their daughter since welcoming her in May 2019, but did give a glimpse of her tiny feet to announce her birth. “We had a baby a couple weeks ago … Here are her feet ,” the Chappaquiddick actress captioned a snapshot of her then-newborn daughter’s tiny toes.

What happened to Jamie Bell after Billy Elliot?

Since starring in Billy Elliot, Jamie Bell has gone on to star in a number of high-profile films including King Kong (2005), Jane Eyre (2011), The Adventures of Tintin (2011), Fantastic Four (2015) and Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool (2017).

Who is Kate Mara’s husband?

BILLY Elliot’s Jamie Bell is an English actor married to actress Kate Mara. The pair have been together since 2015 while working on the set of Fantastic Four; they married two years later.

How did Kate Mara meet Jamie Bell?

Mara and Bell met way before they got together romantically. Bell told host Jonathan Ross, “I met her on a screen test for a film 12 years ago and neither of us got the part, but she did have to kiss a lot of other guys on that screen test. And there were a lot of other people there, pop stars, legitimate movie stars.

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Where is Billy Elliot filmed?

Billy Elliot was shot in entirety in the North East using a variety of industrial locations. Most of the film was shot on location in Easington Village where the terraced streets doubled as a mining community at the time of the miners’ strike.

Why did Billy Elliot Close?

Billy Elliot: The Musical is to bow out of the West End, closing April 9 2016, after celebrating its 11th birthday at the Victoria Palace Theatre. The show will shutter after some 4,600 performances due to the theatre’s previously announced refurbishment program.

When was Billy Elliot filmed?

Adapted from a play called Dancer by Lee Hall, development on the film began in 1999. Around 2,000 boys were considered for the role of Billy before Bell was eventually chosen for the role. Filming began in the North of England in August 1999.

Billy Elliot
Box office $109.3 million

Why is Billy Elliot Rated R?

Parents need to know that the uplifting dramedy Billy Elliot is rated R primarily for language (an edited version was released on DVD with a PG-13 rating, but it’s no longer easy to find for rental or sale) — everyone in the movie uses extremely strong language all the time.

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