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Quick Answer: Actor Who Played Robin In Batman?

Who played Robin in new Batman?

Timothée Chalamet Transforms Into Robin For ‘The Batman’ In Awesome New Image. Dune and Call Me By Your Name star Timothee Chalamet becomes the Dick Grayson version of Robin in an awesome new concept design for Robert Pattinson’s The Batman.

Who played Robin?

Portrayals. Robin (Dick Grayson) was portrayed by Douglas Croft and Johnny Duncan, respectively, in the 1943 and 1949 fifteen chapter Batman serials. Burt Ward played him in the 1966–1968 Batman television series and the related 1966 film.

Who played the best Robin?

So what better time to check out where Damian ranks in the ten greatest Robins in DC history – some of whom might surprise you.

  1. Dick Grayson. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  2. Damian Wayne. (Image credit: DC Comics)
  3. Tim Drake.
  4. Carrie Kelley.
  5. The Pre-Crisis Earth-2 Robin.
  6. Stephanie Brown.
  7. Helena Wayne.
  8. Bruce Wayne, Jr.

Who played the first robin?

SYFY WIRE spoke with the legendary Burt Ward, the actor who portrayed Robin on the original Batman TV show of the mid-1960s.

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Who was Batman’s favorite Robin?

his first, Dick Grayson. Grayson. But objectively Tim was probably his more preferred partner. He was the smartest and didn’t question him anywhere as much as the other three hell they still do it.

Is the original Robin from Batman still alive?

Adam West and Burt Ward reprised their TV roles of Batman and Robin in the 20th Century Fox film Batman: The Movie released on July 30, 1966. Ward remained friends with West until his death on June 9, 2017, at age 88. Ward is the last surviving main cast member of Batman.

Who is the Robin that died?

Among all the moments in Batman v Superman that fans obsess over, the death of Robin is one that fascinated many ever since it was teased in the film’s marketing. Robin’s death was a signature comic event in 1988 and made the passing of Jason Todd, the second Robin, a huge moment.

Who is Batman’s son?

Damian Wayne

Damian Wayne Robin
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance As unnamed infant: Batman: Son of the Demon (September 1987) As Damian Wayne: Batman #655 (September 2006) As Robin: Batman #657 (November 2006) As Batman: Batman #666 (August 2007)
Created by Grant Morrison Andy Kubert
In-story information

Why is Robin called Robin?

This costume was virtually identical to the one he later gave to Dick Grayson. Harris said that Wayne’s red tunic was as brilliant as a robin redbreast’s, so he decided to call him Robin. Later on, when Dick Grayson became Batman’s partner, Batman gave him a similar costume and the same name.

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Who was the worst Robin?


Todd would later return to become the Red Hood, but his short time as the Robin still remains a cautionary tale to any youthful hero in the DC Universe.

Who is the most dangerous Robin?

How Batman’s Most Dangerous Robin Got REAL Superpowers. Each Robin has proven themselves to be worthy of being Batman’s sidekick, but Damian was once the most powerful Robin ever when he acquired actual superpowers.

Who is the current Robin 2020?

In yet another sign the ’90s have returned with a vengeance, Tim Drake has officially reclaimed the mantle of Robin in the DC Universe. Interestingly, this story comes just one week after the release of Teen Titans Annual #2, which features Damian Wayne giving up the mantle of Robin.

What is Robin from Batman’s real name?

Created by writer and artist Bill Finger, he first appeared in Detective Comics #38 in April 1940 as the original and most popular incarnation of Robin, sidekick to the superhero Batman.

Dick Grayson
Full name Richard John “Dick” Grayson

Did Robin become the Joker?

A new orphan, the young Tim Drake, became the new Robin, and Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker would eventually reveal his fate in the DCAU. Just when it seemed that Joker had survived his apparent death, Return of the Joker reveals the Clown Prince of Crime and Tim Drake are one and the same.

How old is Starfire?

She doesn’t state her age, but her physique puts her around the 14-16 age range. Then, she reveals that her sister had her enslaved for six years, putting her age range around 20-23. This age range makes her the oldest member of the Comic Teen Titans.

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