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Quick Answer: Actor Who Played Emperor Palpatine?

What actors have played Palpatine?

Initially credited as The Emperor in the 1980 film The Empire Strikes Back, Palpatine is also known by his Sith title Darth Sidious.

Created by George Lucas
Portrayed by Ian McDiarmid (Episodes I–III, V, VI, IX) Marjorie Eaton (original release of Episode V; visual)

Is the emperor played by the same actor?

The Emperor was originally voiced by Clive Revill for that scene, and visually portrayed by Marjorie Eaton. With this addition to The Empire Strikes Back, McDiarmid has now appeared in every live-action film version in which Palpatine appears.

Is Palpatine the same actor in all the movies?

Official site. Ian McDiarmid (born August 11, 1944) portrayed Palpatine/Darth Sidious in the Star Wars films. He appears in every film of the prequel trilogy, as well as in Return of the Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker.

Who did Palpatine have a child with?

In 82 BBY, Cosinga Palpatine’s wife gave birth to their eldest son, Palpatine, who later insisted on being known only by the cognomen in order to spite his father and the rest of the family. The couple also had at least two other sons and two daughters.

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Who is the strongest Jedi?

Top 10 Strongest Jedi of All Time

  • Kit Fisto (the one on the right)
  • Plo Koon.
  • Nomi Sunrider.
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi. Mark Rain, CC BY 2.0, via Flickr.
  • Mace Windu.
  • Revan.
  • Yoda.
  • Luke Skywalker.

Why did Vader kill Palpatine?

Vader never tried to fight against Luke, he did not want to kill his son, he was in conflict throughout their fight, so he chose to kill Sidious for his son, he would have survived by repairing his armor but he was finished, he had fulfilled the prophecy and saved his son.

How old was Darth Sidious when he died?

According to Wookieepedia, Emperor Palpatine was born in 84 B.B.Y. and died in 4 A.B.Y., which would make him around 88 years old at the time of his death.

Is Palpatine father of Anakin?

25 has provided us with the answer. Anakin’s father is The Emperor. Palpatine manipulated the Midi-chlorians inside of Shmi’s womb to create Anakin. By admitting he learned the secrets to create life with the force before killing his master and therefore would be the only one to create Anakin from Midi-chlorians.

Who is Anakin’s father?

[Star Wars] Anakin Skywalker’s father is Sheev Palpatine. The father of Anakin Skywalker has long been debated among Star Wars fans. According to Anakin’s mother Shmi, there was no father- she simply woke up pregnant one day.

How did Palpatine survive?

It’s here where it’s explained exactly how Palpatine survived: “Plagueis had not acted fast enough in his own moment of death. His body was dead, an empty vessel, long before it found the bottom of the shaft, and his mind jolted to a new awareness in a new body – a painful one, a temporary one.”

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Did they replace the Emperor in Star Wars?

That was the Emperor’s only appearance in The Empire Strikes Back. When he returned in Return of the Jedi, he was now played (in a similar costume, but different creepy makeup) by Scottish actor Ian McDiarmid, who then reprised his role as Palpatine in the three Star Wars prequels.

How old was Palpatine in rise of Skywalker?

Palpatine died during the Battle of Endor which took place 4 years after the battle of Yavin. Meaning that Palpatine was ca. 88 years old when he died. During the Rise of skywalker he was 119 years old.

How did Palpatine have a son?

One could theorize that he bore a child through some sort of space artificial insemination, or something closer to what we’ve seen in canon Star Wars material. In the canon comic Darth Vader No. 25, it is revealed that Palpatine somehow used the Force to manipulate midichlorions to impregnate Shmi Skywalker.

Why did Palpatine turn evil?

According to the novel Darth Plagueis, young Palpatine first discovered the temptation of the Dark Side of the Force while collecting Sith artifacts. The encounter led Palpatine to kill his entire family and dedicate himself to becoming Darth Plagueis’ Sith apprentice.

Who was Palpatine’s lover?

Sly Moore, an Umbaran female Force Adept with the alleged ability to manipulate the minds of others, was the Senior Administrative Aide and Chief of Staff of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine during the final years of the Galactic Republic.

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