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Quick Answer: Actor In 13 Reasons Why?

Who is the new guy in 13 Reasons Why?

Jan Luis Castellanos is ready to make waves. Beginning Friday, June 5, the Dominican-born actor can be seen as Diego Torres on Netflix’s original series, “13 Reasons Why.” Joining the fourth and final season of the series, Castellanos knew his work was cut out for him because the show is a fan favorite.

How much do the actors on 13 Reasons Why make?

In season 1 and 2, Minnette earned the same salary as Langford: $80,000 per episode, according to Deadline. However, after negotiations before season 3, Minnette became the series’ sole lead and received a pay bump to $200,000 per episode.

Who is the guy in 13 reasons why Season 4?

Thanks to its focus on the coverup surrounding the murder of football player and rapist Bryce Walker (Justin Prentice) — a murder falsely pinned on another football player and sexual assaulter, Monty (Timothy Granaderos), who was conveniently killed in jail and can’t assert his innocence — the season is haunted by the

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Why did Jackie leave 13 Reasons Why?

Jackie is a recurring character who appears in the second season of 13 Reasons Why. She is a warm, intelligent, passionate advocate for victims of bullying. She leaves the Bakers’ residence after Sarah Carlin’s testimony about Hannah bullying her at their previous school.

Who all died in 13 Reasons Why?

Season 1:

  • Hannah Baker. Netflix. Hannah took her own life at the end of season one.
  • Jeff Atkins. Netflix. Although he died before season one, Jeff played a major part in Clay’s story.
  • Bryce Walker. Netflix.
  • Monty de la Cruz. Beth DubberNetflix.
  • Justin Foley. Netflix.

What did Zach do to Hannah?

Zach actually apologized to Hannah — something she didn’t mention on the tapes — and afterwards, they started hanging out. That summer, after some sweet heart-to-hearts and bonding time, Hannah decided that she wanted Zach to be the one she lost her virginity to.

Who is the highest paid actor in 13 Reasons Why?

But it’s still less than what the stars of some of Netflix’s biggest shows are making. “13 Reasons Why” star Dylan Minnette will earn $200,000 per episode for the show’s third seasons, which debuts this month.

How much did Clay Jensen get paid?

Dylan Minnette as Clay Jensen

Deadline reported that he would be paid $200,000 for every episode of season 3.

How much do the actors of on my block make?

The four leads will see their $20,000 per-episode fee that they earned for the first two seasons jump to $65,000 per episode for season three. That deal was made for a 10-episode season. Since season three consists of eight episodes, that brings them to $81,250 per episode.

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How does Monty de la Cruz die?

How does Monty die in 13 Reasons Why? Monty de la Cruz, played by actor Timothy Granaderos, is serving his jail sentence. He gets labelled as “Child Rapist” when people come to know about his actions. As words of his deed spread throughout the jail, Monty gets killed by his fellow inmates.

Who is Monty’s boyfriend?

Deaken Bluman Plays Winston, Monty’s Boyfriend on ’13 Reasons Why’

Did Clay Kill Hannah?

On the tapes, Hannah admits that she doesn’t blame Clay for her death. She simply needs him to hear her side of the story. And there you have it. Clay didn’t kill Hannah Baker, after all.

Why is Hannah Baker not in season 3?

Hannah is NOT in the third series. Actress Katherine Langford is not listed anywhere as being in season three. Hannah’s story has well and truly come to an end – with her committing suicide in the first series. Her character appeared throughout season two as the storyline covered the aftermath of her death.

Why was Hannah at the clubhouse?

Hannah Baker: Among the Polaroids, Clay found one of Hannah wearing a varsity jacket in the Clubhouse. This picture was taken months before Bryce raped Hannah, he took her to the Clubhouse and tried to kiss her but she rejected him and told him that she saw him as a friend only.

Did Hannah Love clay or Zach?

It’s clear in season 1 that Zach (Ross Butler) had a crush on Hannah, but apparently their relationship went way deeper than that. After Hannah confronted Zach about stealing her compliments, he apologized, and the two started hanging out.

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