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Question: Actor Who Plays Petyr Baelish?

Is Adam Gillen related to Aiden Gillen?

He’s best known for his role as Liam in the ITV hit series Benidorm, Brian in the Channel 4 comedy Fresh Meat and Gavin in BBC’s Prisoners’ Wives. Adam is the younger brother of Actor Aiden Gillen.

Is Aberama gold real?

Other key characters, like Tom Hardy’s Alfie Solomons, Adrien Brody’s Luca Changretta, and Aidan Gillen’s Aberama Gold are also fictional, existing as figureheads that represent the kind of people that the real Peaky Blinders would probably have encountered.

What happened to Lord baelish?

Warning: This post contains spoilers for season seven of Game of Thrones. Littlefinger finally met his end on the season seven finale of Game of Thrones Sunday night. Sansa declared Littlefinger to be guilty, and Arya cut his throat. Littlefinger’s death was hinted at throughout this season.

Why was littlefinger called Littlefinger?

Petyr grew up at House Tully’s castle Riverrun with Hoster’s daughters Catelyn and Lysa, and son Edmure; Edmure nicknamed Petyr “Littlefinger” in reference to his short stature and his family’s lands on the smallest of the peninsulas called the Fingers.

Is little finger Irish?

Aidan Murphy (born 24 April 1968), better known as Aidan Gillen /ˈɡɪlən/ (Irish: Aodhán Ó Giolláin), is an Irish actor.

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Who is Mr Gold in peaky blinders?

Gold is played by Aidan Gillen, who’ll no doubt be a familiar face to Game of Thrones fans, though you may not have recognized him with his shoulder-length, wavy hair. In Westeros, Gillen sports short, dark hair and a mustache to play Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, long-term manipulator of Sansa Stark.

Is Aberama gold dead?

Violence erupted at the rally and the Shelby brothers were hunted down by Oswald’s men. Tommy and Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson) escaped but viewers were forced to say goodbye some of the Peaky Blinders. Aberama Gold (Aidan Gillen) had been waiting in the wings during Oswald’s speech but tragically met an untimely end.

Does Mateo leave Benidorm?

“So I made a decision to step away from making tv programmes for a while and I sat down and thought about the things I like doing.” When deciding what to do next, the writer revealed he hoped to combine Benidorm and socialising into his next project.

Why does Liam leave Benidorm?

In series 5, Liam has joined the Solana workforce as a maintenance worker, however, in the series finale, Liam leaves the Solana to pursue a career with Kenneth Du Beke in the Blow ‘n’ Go Salon.

Who died out of Benidorm?

Kenny Ireland
Ireland in character as Donald Stewart from the comedy TV series Benidorm
Born George Ian Kenneth Ireland7 August 1945 Paisley, Scotland, UK
Died July 31, 2014 (aged 68) London, England, UK
Occupation Actor, theatre director
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