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Question: Actor Who Plays Cesare Borgia?

Who plays Cesare Borgia in the Netflix series?


Series cast summary:
Jeremy Irons Rodrigo Borgia 29 episodes, 2011-2013
François Arnaud Cesare Borgia 29 episodes, 2011-2013
Holliday Grainger Lucrezia Borgia 29 episodes, 2011-2013
Peter Sullivan Cardinal Ascanio Sforza 28 episodes, 2011-2013

Is Francois Arnaud single?

“The Borgias” star François Arnaud has come out as bisexual, revealing on social media that he hopes to combat the stigma associated with it. On his Instagram Stories, Arnaud, best known for his role as Cesare Borgia in the racy Showtime drama, admitted to letting people simply assume that he was straight.

Who plays Sebastien Raine?

François Landriault-Barbeau (born July 5, 1985), known professionally as François Arnaud, is a Canadian film and television actor.


Year 2017
Title Schitt’s Creek
Role Sebastien Raine
Notes Episode: “Sebastien Raine

Ещё 12 столбцов

Why did the Borgias get Cancelled?

The third season finale on June 16th will also serve as a series finale, as Showtime has also scrapped plans for a two-hour wrap-up movie. Though The Borgias held steady in the ratings this year, its production costs were deemed too high to continue.

Who is Francois Arnaud dating?

Dating History 3

# Partner Type
3 Sarah Gadon Relationship
2 Evelyne Brochu Relationship
1 Holliday Grainger Relationship
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Will there be a season 4 of Borgias?

Jeremy Irons will not be returning to “The Borgias” for a fourth season and neither will the rest of the cast. Showtime has canceled its original series “The Borgias” saying the period drama was too expensive.

Does Alexis end up with Ted?

After discussing their futures, they decide to amicably end their relationship — Alexis refusing to be the reason he turns down his dream job, and Ted adamant that Alexis chases her own career. Ted accepts the job and sets out for the Galápagos Islands.

Who does Alexis Rose end up with?

She and Ted reunite at the end of season four and remain a couple through the fifth season, and while their relationship strengthens, Alexis is reluctant to leave her family when Ted invites her to accompany him on an extended career opportunity in the Galápagos Islands.

Where was Schitt’s Creek filmed?

The motel home of the Rose family in the Emmy-sweeping Canadian TV series Schitt’s Creek is up for sale for C$2m. The Hockley Motel in the Canadian town of Mono, Ontario, was a key filming location throughout the six seasons of the hit CBC sitcom. 2 дня назад

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