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Often asked: President Who Was An Actor?

What actors have played presidents?


President Actor Film
George Washington Jon Voight An American Carol
Jess Harnell (voice) Mr. Peabody & Sherman
John Adams Robert Ayres John Paul Jones
William Daniels 1776

How many actors have played the American president?

28 actors who played the president of the United States, and how they compare to the real thing.

How did Ronald Reagan become an actor?

While in California covering The Cubs spring training, Reagan met a movie producer, for Warner Brothers, he was offered a screen test to replace a previous actor. Warner Brothers took a chance on Ronald Reagan, landing him his first movie role.

Which actor has played the US president the most times?

The actor with the most presidential feature film roles to date is Sidney Blackmer, who portrayed Theodore Roosevelt in 6 different films from 1937-1948.

Who was the oldest president of the United States while in office?

The oldest person to assume the presidency was Joe Biden, who took the presidential oath of office two months after turning 78. Assassinated at age 46, John F. Kennedy was the youngest president at the end of his tenure, and his lifespan was the shortest of any president.

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Who has played presidents on SNL?


  • Fred Armisen as Barack Obama.
  • Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton.
  • Will Ferrell as George W.
  • Dana Carvey as George H. W. Bush.
  • Dan Aykroyd as Jimmy Carter.
  • Jim Carrey as Ronald Reagan (the only cast member on this video who did not portray the same role on Saturday Night Live)
  • Chevy Chase as Gerald Ford.

How many times has Morgan Freeman president?

What movie did Morgan Freeman play the President of the United States? Well, he’s actually played the US President in more than one movie, two to be exact. He played the President in the 1998 movie Deep Impact. And then recently he played the President in the 2019 movie Angel Has Fallen.

How many times has James Cromwell been president?

Has played a US President four times: fictional President Fowler in The Sum of All Fears (2002), fictional President Newman on The West Wing (1999), Lyndon B. Johnson in the television film RFK (2002), and George H.W. Bush in Oliver Stone’s film W.

Why is Ronald Reagan so popular?

Reagan still remains one of the most popular presidents in American history because of his optimism for the country. Reagan was the first president of the United States to have been divorced. As president, Reagan helped create a new political and economic idea. He created the supply-side economic policies.

What did Reagan accomplish as president?

His administration saw the longest period of economic growth in peacetime American history up to that point, lasting 92 months. Reagan enacted cuts in domestic discretionary spending, cut taxes, and increased military spending, which contributed to increased federal debt overall.

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How many states did Ronald Reagan win?

Reagan won a landslide re-election victory, carrying 49 of the 50 states, making this the second election in the 20th century in which a party won 49 states. Mondale won only his home state of Minnesota with a 0.18% margin, and the District of Columbia.

What movie did Morgan Freeman plays President of the United States?

The new action thriller “Angel Has Fallen” (in theaters Friday) brings back an old pro at being POTUS: Morgan Freeman stars as President Allan Trumbull, the target of an assassination attempt in which his loyal Secret Service man Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is named as the No.

How many times has Bill Pullman played the president?

Bill Pullman has actually played the president three times — in the short-lived TV comedy, “1600 Penn” (created by former Obama speechwriter Jon Lovett), and, more dramatically, in the sci-fi movies “Independence Day” and “Independence Day 2.”

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