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FAQ: In 1942 Who Won An Academy Award As Best Actor?

Who has the most Academy Awards for best actor?

Since its inception, the award has been given to 83 actors. Daniel Day-Lewis has received the most awards in this category, with three wins. Spencer Tracy and Laurence Olivier were nominated on nine occasions, more than any other actor.

Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in 1940?

Robert Donat, the winner for “Best Actor“, was one of three nominated actors not present (the others were Irene Dunne and Greta Garbo).

Who is the oldest actor to win an Academy Award for best actor?


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Superlative Overall Actor
Oldest Nominee Christopher Plummer Age 88
Oldest Winner Christopher Plummer Age 82
Youngest Nominee Justin Henry Age 8
Youngest Winner Tatum O’Neal Age 20

Which best actor winner was first nominated for the award in 1941 and then won the award with his second nomination 41 years later?

Answer Henry Fonda

Soft-spoken Fonda finally won Best Actor for his role in 1981’s “On Golden Pond,” which co-starred Katharine Hepburn and Fonda’s daughter Jane, with whom he had an often contentious relationship.

Who has refused an Oscar?

Scott. Scott declined his best actor nomination for “Patton” in 1970, and had the decency to let the Academy know that he would refuse the award if he won. He won anyway, and reportedly called the Oscars a “two-hour meat parade.” Today, the American actor would be irate that the “meat parade” often exceeds four hours.

Which Hollywood actor has won the most Oscars?

Katharine Hepburn won four Academy Awards (all for Best Actress), more than any other actor or actress in the history of the award.

Did Wizard of Oz win best picture?

The film was nominated for several Academy Awards upon its release, including Best Picture and Academy Award for Visual Effects. It lost the award in the Best Picture category to Gone with the Wind (another MGM release), but won in the category of Best Song (Over The Rainbow) and Academy Award for Best Original Score.

Who won an Oscar in Gone with the Wind?

On February 29th, 1940, at the 12th annual Academy Awards, Hattie McDaniel took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Gone with the Wind, becoming the first Black Oscar winner in the awards show’s prestigious history.

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Who won Best Picture Wizard of Oz or Gone With the Wind?

The film snatched up eight Academy Awards that year, including Best Picture, Best Director (Victor Fleming), Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Actress (Vivien Leigh).

Who is considered the greatest actor of all time?

Top 100 Greatest Actors of All Time (The Ultimate List)

  1. Jack Nicholson. Actor | Chinatown.
  2. Marlon Brando. Actor | Apocalypse Now.
  3. Robert De Niro. Actor | Raging Bull.
  4. Al Pacino. Actor | Serpico.
  5. Daniel Day-Lewis. Actor | There Will Be Blood.
  6. Dustin Hoffman. Actor | Tootsie.
  7. Tom Hanks. Producer | Cast Away.
  8. Anthony Hopkins. Actor | The Silence of the Lambs.

What is the longest movie to win best picture?

The longest winner of Best Picture in Oscars history is 1939’s “Gone with the Wind,” which clocks in at 3 hours, 58 minutes.

Has a kid ever won an Oscar?

As of 2021, a total of three minors (including Duke) have won Oscars, all in the Best Supporting Actress category. The other two are Tatum O’Neal, who was 10, for Paper Moon (1973), and Anna Paquin, who was 11, for The Piano (1993). As of 2021 O’Neal remains the youngest person to win a competitive Academy Award.

What was the first film to be nominated for 14 Oscars?

Three films have received 14 nominations: All About Eve (1950) – 16 categories available for nomination; won 6 awards. Titanic (1997) – 17 categories available for nomination; won 11 awards. La La Land (2016) – 17 categories available for nomination; won 6 awards.

What movie beat Citizen Kane for Best Picture?

1. ‘Citizen Kane‘ losing best picture. In 1942, one of the greatest upsets in film history took place at the 14th Academy Awards: “How Green Was My Valley” won instead of “Citizen Kane.” Never heard of it? Not surprised.

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How many Oscars did Citizen Kane win?

Later regarded as the greatest film ever made, Citizen Kane was nominated for nine Academy Awards but won only one, for Best Original Screenplay.

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