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Actor Who Played Igor In Young Frankenstein?

Who played the cop in Young Frankenstein?

Kenneth Mars, a farcical character actor best known for playing the police inspector with a creaky prosthetic arm in Mel Brooks‘ 1974 classic Young Frankenstein, died Saturday of pancreatic cancer at his home in Granada Hills, Calif. He was 75.

Was Bernadette Peters in Young Frankenstein?

The IUP performance by Tony Award-winning actor Bernadette Peters, originally slated for September 15 as part of the Lively Arts’ new Ovations!

Did Marty Feldman have a glass eye?

Feldman suffered from thyroid disease and developed Graves’ ophthalmopathy, causing his eyes to protrude and become misaligned. A childhood injury, a car crash, a boating accident, and reconstructive eye surgery may also have contributed to his appearance.

Was Marty Feldman part of Monty Python?

Feldman began his career in show business as a comedy writer for British radio and televison. Feldman to join the future Monty Python members Graham Chapman and John Cleese as a writer and performer in ”At Last, the 1948 Show. ” That program made Mr. Feldman a star, and he soon had his own weekly television series.

Is Igor in the book Frankenstein?

Igor does not appear in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. In the original story, Victor Frankenstein does not use a lab assistant when creating the

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What is Igor hump?

This line is spoken by Igor, played by Marty Feldman, in the film Young Frankenstein, directed by Mel Brooks (1974). For Igor it’s always hump day. In Young Frankenstein, Igor, a guy who walks around with a giant hump on his back, is Dr. Frederick Frankenstein’s assistant.

Is Frankenstein German?

Frankenstein is a German name consisting of two words: The Franks are a Germanic tribe and “stein” is the German word for “stone”.

Who is the actor with the weird eyes?

Steve Buscemi
Born Steven Vincent Buscemi December 13, 1957 New York City, U.S.
Alma mater Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute
Occupation Actor director writer producer firefighter (FDNY)
Years active 1985–present
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