TV Guide (retrospective)

From: TV Guide, May 18, 2002
By: Matt Roush

Dear Felicity, So you’ve finally graduated, with minimal pomp yet with so many circumstances. Your friend Sally, to whom you’ve mailed all those breathlessly tape-recorded letters over the years, sends her regards. But we had to add our own felicitations.

tv_guide_02It’s been such memorable and engrossing fun watching you find your way through undergrad life: establishing enduring friendships, continually falling in and out of love-mostly with the same two guys, a moody soul mate (Ben) and a loyal best friend (Noel). You’ve also made more than your share of mistakes. Some were academic, some emotional and a few purely cosmetic (that notorious sophomore-year haircut!).

The last four years went by so fast. Part of us wishes it could have gone on forever, while the more sensible part doesn’t think we could have handled another round of Ben-or-Noel turmoil. But then that was before your fantastical, “Sliding Doors”-like escapade of the past few weeks, in which (thanks to a spell cast by your weird ex-roomie, Meghan) you jumped back in time to relive your senior year, picking Noel this time instead of Ben.

Silly girl, we could have told you it would only mess things up more than before. Still, who knew you had such entertaining whimsy in you? Especially after all of that moping once you learned Ben had gotten another woman pregnant. (Long story. Best forgot.)

So many life lessons, so hard to earn a passing grade. Remember when Mad TV spoofed your mad obsession with Ben, calling you “Intensity”? Couldn’t really blame them.

But look how you’ve grown. Grown up, and grown on us. Your show may never have been a huge hit, but it was always one of WBs more polished crown jewels.

Watching your final two-hour chapter, complete with flashbacks, is like paging through a grand scrapbook of memories: Ben privately screening Charlie Chaplin’s “Gold Rush” on the rooftop for you, Noel bringing you a “breakup kit” to cheer you up. You couldn’t have asked for better friends: ambitious Elena, Sean the dreamer and Javier, your gay boss at Dean & DeLuca who worships you. Even prickly Meghan, who once griped that rooming with you was “like living with a TV that’s always showing Little House on the Prairie, only with more sweaters.

As we reluctantly say goodbye and good luck, we thank you for reminding us that life is always on a learning curve. You didn’t just pass. You graduated with honors.