Felicity star takes aim with We Were Soldiers

Private Keri From: The Calgary Sun 3/6/2002 by Louis B. Hobson Keri Russell is positively blissful over her pending liberation. After four seasons, Russell’s TV series Felicity is coming to an end. “I have mixed emotions about the cancellation of Felicity. I’m bittersweet because it has been my life for four years, but I’m happy […]

An Interview with Keri Russell

From: Insider Magazine 11/12/2002 by: Debra Eckerling In an age where most people are either jaded or have stars in their eyes, this 21-year-old actress was a breath of fresh air. Trained in a variety of dance including ballet, jazz, and street, Russell’s favorite kind is called lyrical. She says lyrical is like dancing to […]

TV Guide (retrospective)

From: TV Guide, May 18, 2002 By: Matt Roush Dear Felicity, So you’ve finally graduated, with minimal pomp yet with so many circumstances. Your friend Sally, to whom you’ve mailed all those breathlessly tape-recorded letters over the years, sends her regards. But we had to add our own felicitations. It’s been such memorable and engrossing […]

TV Guide (interview)

From: TV Guide April, 2002 by: Annabel Vered KERI RUSSELL Plays: Felicity Porter Where will Felicity be in 10 years? “She’ll be a doctor and, hopefully, happy and in love.” Would you ever trail a guy the way Felicity followed Ben? “I’ve pined over guys who didn’t like me back, but I’ve never followed someone […]


Seventeen (interview)

From: Seventeen , April, 2002 by: Dina Sansing After four years of playing a confused coed with nonstop guy troubles on the WB’s hit Felicity , is Keri Russell ready for the real world? Keri Russell insists she’s not a replica of the angsty college senior she plays on television. Need proof? “I got kicked […]

TV Guide (interview)

From: TV Guide Online Date: April 23, 2001 It’s the morning after the Emmy Awards, and Keri Russell – who introduced a montage of TV’s greatest twosomes during the telecast – strolls onto Felicity ‘s Los Angeles set looking a tad weary. Surely, the Golden Globe-winning actress was just recovering from a night of post-Emmy […]

Eonline (interview)

From: Eonline By: Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith, April 18, 2001 Keri Russell must have felt like Atlas carrying the weight of the world when Felicity debuted on the WB in 1998. The hype surrounding her bow as the show’s title character would have been more in keeping with the second coming of Christ. […]

AOL chat transcript (interview)

From: AOL Chat Transcript Date: Oct. 17, 2001 AOL Host : Hello, everybody, welcome to AOL Live’s chat with Keri Russell, the star of ‘ Felicity ,’ which airs tonight and every Wednesday at 9:00PM on The WB. Welcome back to AOL. Great to have you here again. Keri Russell : Thank you. Nice to […]

MSN chat transcript (interview)

Keri Russell Chat Transcript From: MSN, Nov. 29, 2000 DishDiva : I know you are on a tight schedule here on the set. Keri_Russell_Live : Thank you! Hello everyone, thanks for coming tonight. DishDiva : Let’s get started with the audience questions. Keri_Fan says: Hi Keri! How do you like working on the show? Keri_Russell_Live […]