Keri Russell on Motherhood and Work-Life Balance

From Parade 2/3/2013 by: Walter Scott he actress, 36, stars as an undercover KGB spy in the 1980s-set drama The Americans (FX, Wednesdays). You play a spy in the days before the Internet and mobile phones. Could you survive a week without technology? Definitely! I’m never on my cell phone. I don’t even know why […]

Felicity’s Keri Russell Is All Grown-Up and Spying on The Americans

From TV Guide 2/6/2013 by: Natalie Abrams e were all a little stunned when Felicity Porter, the University of New York’s most famous student (aka Keri Russell), showed up as a gun-toting operative alongside Tom Cruise in 2005’s Mission: Impossible III. But the gamble worked. Nobody was talking about her haircut, that’s for sure. In […]

‘Felicity’ alum Keri Russell talks about being in the fright club

From: The Chicago Sun-Times 2/14/2013 by: Cindy Pearlman n her new movie “Dark Skies,” Keri Russell looks beautiful and ageless. Just don’t tell her that. “Are you out of your mind? I look 85 right now!” says Russell, 36, from her home outside Manhattan. “I’m stressed in so many places. It’s out of control.” There’s […]

Keri Russell of ‘Dark Skies’ talks ‘Felicity,’ motherhood

From: Newsday 2/13/2013 eri Russell has never seen the original “Amityville Horror” house, but anyone who’s driven by it knows … it couldn’t look tamer. Same goes for the house in “Dark Skies,” a new supernatural thriller from writer-director Scott Stewart, starring Russell and opening Friday. Russell and Josh Hamilton play Lacy and Daniel Barrett, […]

Interview with “Dark Skies” Star Keri Russell

From Nerdist 2/19/2013 by: Kyle Anderson eri Russell has had quite a varied career already, performing in things from the teen angsty Felicity to the short-lived sitcom Running Wilde to now getting to do the action thing with FX’s The Americans. She even voiced Wonder Woman in a direct-to-DVD animated adventure a few years ago; […]

Questions and Answers With Keri Russell

From: Nextmovie 2/20/2013 by: Kase Wickman t’s time to get past the haircut. Keri Russell certainly has. In fact, the former “Felicity” star has moved so far beyond her famous pixie cut that she’s now realizing that there’s something else out there — namely, aliens. That’s right, Russell’s latest project is the sci-fi/horror film “Dark […]

Q&A with Keri Russell of ‘Dark Skies’

From: Parallel Universe 2/19/2013 ctress Keri Russell (TV’s “Felicity,” the films “Waitress,” “Mission: Impossible III”) returns to the big screen this week in “Dark Skies,” playing a suburban mom whose world is rocked by a passel of spooky extraterrestrials who take up residence in her house and take a particular interest in her two young […]