Who’s News (interview)

by: Lorrie Lynch 11/14/99 Keri Russell, star of the WB network’s critically acclaimed drama Felicity, stopped between takes one recent afternoon to talk with USA WEEKEND’s Maggie Gallant about celebrity life, romance, body image and her new hairdo. Q: Do you feel that you are a role model? If so, does that affect the way […]

Oh, No! Not Ben! (review)

From: Slate, Sept. 29, 1999 By: Judith Shulevitz There was endless hype for the premiere of Felicity’s second season–tapes of which had been withheld from the press–because it was to provide the answer to last season’s Perils of Pauline-like cliffhanger: Would the New York City college freshman Felicity fly to Berlin with her handsome and […]

People Magazine 1999 (interview)

From: People Magazine 1999 ACTRESS “You gotta be low-maintenance,” says Keri Russell, who plays the winsomely earnest collegiate heroine of the WB series Felicity. “Less is more. I’m definitely not a make- up person. Wearing it doesn’t equal feeling pretty. Women look so much better as they are.” Easy to say when you’re a 23-year-old […]

People Magazine 9/99 (interview)

From: People Magazine Date: Sept. 27, 1999 Her wild curly mane may not have inspired as many copy cat cuts as Jennifer Aniston’s “the rachel” but Felicity star Keri Russell was clearly one of last year’s best-tressed TV stars. On Sept. 26th, The WB drama returns for its sophomore season on a new night, Sunday, […]


Keri, Bared

She plays the confidence-challenged Felicity on TV, but the real Russell is definitely comfortable in her own skin From: Mademoiselle Magazine May, 1999 by: JAMIE DIAMOND ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A NEW low-concept television show, starring an actress you never heard of on a network that was just getting it’s legs. Then that […]